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Cart Liner

back in november i got a cart to take shop orders to the post office, which is a mile round trip. it kind of makes me feel like a little old lady, but taking the bus is not an option because that would put our shop into the red and we want to have happy customers & be profitable. plus, the walk is good exercise.

the cart is also great for the 40 lbs of laundry we do each week (yes, i weighed it), especially if the laundry room is crowded and i have to go back later. i made the liner myself yesterday and it was fun to sew again, which is how i got started posting photos online in the first place.

today, i realized it's also perfect with the vintage mahogany tray we bought this summer placed on top as an impromptu table for still life photography. it's the simple things y'all. enjoy your weekend. hope it's good.

xo, cindy

ps have you seen the TED talk about gratitude by louie schwartzberg? it's terrific and the little girl about halfway through - awesome.

pps my brother told me about these cool personal greetings you can get from santa, himself. have you been naughty or nice? santa knows.


Bella Sinclair said...

That's a GREAT cart! So versatile, and I LOVE that liner! It's cheery and fun. I wanted a cart just like that when we lived in Tokyo and I had to lug our groceries uphill.

Happy holidays to you!!!

painted fish studio said...

i love that you have a little cart! :)

Jamie said...

What a perfect cart - there are times having one of these would make my life easier - times like today when I go to the market for groceries.

fifth floor apartment said...

i have a little old lady cart too!!! so convenient :)

xo Alison

Asiye Ivedi said...

i really really love it! such a nifty little thing and i am (still) impressed by your handiwork :):)
-- not sure i will dare to visit santa... well i just might..i have been quite good this year, actually ;)