music makes my world go round

Although I am a Libra and love to be surrounded by beautiful things, music has the strongest hold on me. It is the primary creative force that can bring me to tears one minute and then make me jump for joy the next. Not to get morbid, but it is so important that should I kick the bucket first, Scott has strict instructions to make sure that my iPod is playing through our Tivoli during my wake.

Music was really important in my house growing up. My parents listened to records from the original Rat Pack-era and some of my fondest memories include listening to the Hi-Fi while dancing with my Father - my feet on his. I still can not hear Moon River by Andy Williams without crying, but it's a good cry.

My brother also listened to great music from the 1960/70s and I would go up to his room and listen to his records. We both worried that "they" would run out of music someday.

I learned to play a few instruments in school and listened to music from the 1980s+. Now, in addition listening to npr on a transistor radio, I always have something playing from wfuv,, radio paradise, or my own library to keep me company. It definitely inspires me, fuels my daydreaming, and contributes to my insomnia.

I re-discovered my love for "listening" to music, which is different than "playing" it, after my Mom passed away a couple of years ago. Quickly followed by the closing of the start-up company I was working with at the time. And then, by a computer hard drive crash a few weeks later, which would not normally be catastrophic, but it took all of the condolence emails I received about my Mom with it. I still have it, so they're with me in spirit. That was a rough time and I wasn't very productive, so I took solace in music morning, noon and night.

I'm a little better with the schedule now, and for the most part, my taste in music is geared towards the new unlike my love of vintage objects. It is probably evident in my play list compared to Scott's even though we're about the same age. Heavily influenced by the UK, I'm developing a eclectic mix, but have had my fill of classical (high school band) and light jazz (oh man, how did that happen?), unless it's techno.

I love these two videos, which are both beautiful in their unique way.

Shine On by The Kooks
Visually beautiful and sweet. Yay for all us girls with short hair!
Thank you Chelsea.

Leave Out The Rest by Linkin Park
Beautiful lyrics with a message that sounds good to me.

Are you listening to anything you love now? New or old. Between the two of us, we have it covered. Wishing
everyone a melodious weekend!

xo, Cindy

Photo Credit : Stereo (I had a blue parrot called Petey just like in the photo) + The Record Labels


Megan Coyle said...

I like to think of the songs I listen to as the soundtrack to my life. I love the Beatles, and that Abbey Road image made me think about how much I've been listening to their album Rubber Soul. Also, I've been listening to Sondre Lerche a lot, he's fantastic.

Mrs.French said...

I love this post! I believe music says everything about someone....

oh and thank you so much for your kind comment regarding my 2-home dilemma...such a lovely blogging friend you are!

meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

I really like your lovely blog!

The Kings of Convenience are my faves at the moment... but i grew up with The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and Neil Diamond!


Annie said...

My music tastes are pretty eclectic, but I can always listen to: Muse, Coldplay, Keane, Jon McLaughlin, Little Big Town, Chris LeDoux

Jessie Cacciola said...

oh i agree! i love keane. my newest love is Sean Hayes, but I will always love u2, coldplay, pink floyd, and general classic rockers (rolling stones, led zeppelin). :)

Krissy said...

The new coldplay album has been wearing my ipod out!! Love your music picks :) Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

That was a fun post to read. It is so funny how certain music will take you to a certain time in your life instantly. Growing up my mom and dad listened to a lot of country music. I really didn't care for it, and still don't. After my parents split up, my mom started listening to a lot of eclectic music and that is when it got more interesting. She loved the Beatles and other rock music that us kids brought in.
I have been to more rock concerts in my 40's than when I was younger. I love them.

My husband was in a rock band in Sweden way back in 1977! He even opened up for ABBA once.

right now I'm listening to the Shins, Travis, U2 of course :)

Last thing, sorry this comment is turning epic. Is that a sweet little parakeet I see? If you go to my post on Feb.20th you can see my little parakeet, she is the same color.

please sir said...

I really enjoy music too - you have a great round-up here. Have a great weekend!

quaint handmade said...

oh boy, i have a nice list here of artists who are new to me! it is so great as it's hard to find to music based on the little previews. thanks guys!

megan - i agree. the type of music i'm listening to often addresses something going on in my life.

mrs. french - same to you and everyone who visits here.

meet me at mikes - love your blog name and thank you! off to see you now.

annie -hi annie - off to see you too! variety is the spice of life as they say. i'm looking forward to checking out some of your favs as we have some in common aleady.

jessie - i don't know sean hayes, but will soon.

krissy - love that album too - strawberry swing is so summer.

elizabeth - i love your stories - this is a ramble-encouraged zone. i like a little bit country, recently rascal flatts, but think your mom took you in the right direction musically ;). that is so cool about your husband opening for abba. i'm off to see your pretty parakeet.

dians - same to you!

design for mankind. said...

I never knew of your love for music, dear Cindy! I'm a fan myself. :) Any and all!

But, I'm loving Laura Marling lately. :)

julie king said...

very ice post, cindy, that me learn a little bit more about you. i adore how much music has shaped my life. i get so nostalgic about music from my youth AND i love being introduced to new music today.

Anonymous said...

hi cindy,
just wanted to let you know I am finally putting together your little bundle from my 200th post giveaway! Thanks for being so patient!
xo, m

quaint handmade said...

erin - thanks, listened to her music and i like it.

julie - me too,

melissa - no worries.

jennifer said...

Always happy to hear anything by fleetwood mac, the cure, and definitely the beatles. And my newer musical obsessions of late: fleet foxes, great lake swimmers, and she & him (which I see in your sidebar, very nice).