two versions of beauty in film

The Dark Knigh
She: "It was too hot to do much of anything this weekend, so you chose the movies after going to see
Sex and The City with me. Two for one seemed fair."
He: "Well, I really wanted to see The Dark Knight and thought you might like Mamma Mia."
She: "Thank you. I think we really liked both movies, but Batman was awesome!"
He: "Oh man, Heath Ledger was fantastic as The Joker. I keep thinking about him."
She: "For real. There's a lot going on in his face. I mean, The Joker is exaggerated in that way, but he was amazing in Brokeback Mountain with his face - the pursed lips. It's the same thing in Batman and the voice he came up with was so weird."
He: "The Joker is usually crazy, but kind of pulled together. His interpretation was of a guy who was disheveled, smeared and deranged. He was magnificent. The special effects were cool and the story kept you on the edge of your seat."
She: "I think it was visually beautiful in a dark way - very modern. And, Gotham feels like NYC. Everyone was great, including Maggie Gyllenhaal - she has some edge to her that is believable. And, Christian Bale - hubba, hubba."

Mamma Mia

He: "Ok, calm down. I think Mamma Mia was actually scarier."

She: "How so?"
He: "Pierce Brosnan can not sing, although Meryl Streep can and was really great."
She: "Well, Pierce really can't sing and they couldn't even do anything in production to hide it. He's pretty to look at though."
He: "So was Amanda Seyfried."
She: "Agreed and she has a lovely voice. I thought Greece looked absolutely beautiful, too. Bottom line is it was a fun summer movie, very upbeat."
He: "Oh yeah, what's with all the squealing girls do when they get together in the movie? The same thing happened in Sex and The City."
She: "I have NO idea! It drives me crazy, too. I don't know girls who act like that."
He: "Were you crying?"
She: "When they sing Dancing Queen it just kills me. Add it to the list with Moon River I guess? If I can get past the crying, it's a great song to start off the day."
He: "Yeah, way better than the band you've been listening to on repeat."
She: "Hey watch it, my letterpress skull card is on the way. You don't want to see your name on it do you?"
He: [I'm realizing we could have probably skipped Mamma Mia! She's obviously going through a dark phase. It's usually temporary, at least I hope so. What does this mean anyway: 8-X?]

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please sir said...

I saw Batman too - pretty good movie for a rainy afternoon!

Mrs.French said...

Thanks for the super entertaining movie reviews...they are both on the top of my list!

Krissy said...

Great reviews guys! It was beastly hot here too, we didn't get to the theater this weekend.... hopefully soon!

Jessie Cacciola said...

i was just talking to a friend about these. and i really can't watch 'the dark knight' -- too creepy. but 'mamma mia' looks really good! so funny; appreciate your dialogues, deary. xo

S.HOPtalk said...

I loved the stage production of Mama Mia. I can't wait to see the flick. Thanks so much for the fun reviews.

quaint handmade said...

mamma mia is such a beautiful movie - the scenery and the fabrics, just gorgeous. plus, many of the songs are so catchy.

i definitely was ambivalent about seeing heath ledger in that make-up and thought he looked really scary. but, when we saw the movie, we couldn't take our eyes off of him. he was amazing.

enjoy the movies whatever you see this summer!

xo, cindy

julie king said...

fun post! i seriously don't think i can get my hubbie to go see mama mia so kudos to you for getting yours to go!

quaint handmade said...

no worries julie, it should be just as good on dvd. it's a pretty summer movie.