garden : delightful cherries

BBG : Cherry Blossoms
band : the living sisters
charming and wonderful harmonies

hello, hello! everyone loves a blossoming cherry tree or any blossoming tree for that matter. experiencing hundreds of them at one time is incredible. these photos were taken at hanami in the brooklyn botanic garden still early in the blooming cycle. last year we went a bit later when the trees were in full bloom, but i'll take them any time. happy tuesday!

xo, cindy

ps thank you for the encouragement about the pale & dreamy stuff. i think i'll stick to my way and stop comparing myself to EVERYONE. i have noticed that when i walk down the street, i always look down, and yet take a lot of photos of blue skies. and, i'm often tired because i'm not a good sleeper, but my photos are usually vibrant and clear. maybe there is a correlation to dreaminess after all?

BBG : Cherry Blossoms
so many varieties.

BBG : Japanese Garden
the japanese garden.

BBG : Cherry Blossoms
naturally pale. no photoshop here.

BBG : Cherry Blossoms
isn't she lucky to be a painter in such a place and brave (confident) enough to paint en plein air?

BBG : Cherry Blossoms
love these petals in the japanese garden.

BBG : Japanese Garden
japanese garden, again. people get kind of giddy in there.

BBG : Cherry Blossoms
the cherries still on the tree were the coolest and this blue sky almost looks like it was taken in a studio. yeah, god's studio!


Line said...

I dont't know if I will go to the brooklyn botanic garden, but these shots are so so beautiful!!!!!

Krissy said...

Gorgeous, Cindy!! your photos are so amazing, i want to hang all of them up around the house.

Joyce said...

...And you were lucky enough to be there to photograph the artist and the beauty surrounding her. Wonderful Cindy just wonderful! xo

Julia said...

Oh, what beauty! I've loved your ability to capture the simple marvelousness of nature around you. The fact that you can do that without the three filters and photoshop altering is just amazing! Oh, Cindy, we love, just the way you are :)

cindy said...

you guys are so lovely! one goal of this blog is for us to be able to look back at our comings and goings in our old age. our eyes probably won't be so good by then and everything will look pale and dreamy ;)!

chelsea said...

pure loveliness!!

jennifer said...

thanks cindy, re: the studio:) and i've always wanted to check out the hanami there! thanks for the report.

Jamie said...

I'm a fan of all of your photos - but your blue sky variety certainly brighten my outlook.

Punctuation Mark said...

I am delighted with all these cherries images... gorgeous!!!

Bri said...

It's funny, I left town for a few days and when I came back EVERYTHING was in full bloom! Amazing how fleeting it is.

Love these pictures. Looks like you had a good time!

painted fish studio said...

dear brooklyn botanic garden: why are you so far away from me?!

Terri said...

Cindy - I love your photos! They're so bright & clear and show the beauty of the day. And boy do I wish I could visit the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!

Dallas Shaw said...

there is that color I love so much- popped up in your photo. love it

My name is PJ. said...

My very favorite is the petals shot!

You SHOULD stop comparing your work to the work of others. Follow your heart and do what moves YOU.

Megan Coyle said...

These are all so elegant :) don't you just love cherry blossoms?

And I think it's easy for any artist to want to compare his/her work to others. To stop comparing your work is a good goal - one that I should work towards too :)

seesaw designs said...

comparing oneself is never ever the way to go. i have to keep reminding myself that -- almost daily.

beautiful photos. i feel the need to spend my day in a garden now, but sadly it's just not going to happen. :)

Megan Walker said...

Oh my gosh Cindy, more GORGEOUS photos! What a treat! All those blossoms - just LOVELY! My fave is the last one with that amazing turquoise sky - God's studio for sure :)

Don't compare yourself to anyone - we love your photography, and we love you. We're all different, and we're all special, for a reason :)


Asya said...

I love the Japanese Garden, and you have captured it beautifully. The petals in the stone is my favorite shot, gorgeous. Makes me miss Brooklyn.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh my goodness, Cindy! This looks exactly like the huge Japanese park we went to last spring for hanami! Exactly! You saved yourself a bit of airfare. :)

And I did not know that actual cherries grew on these trees. I thought they were purely ornamental. Huh! Live and learn.

Oh good heavens, my word verification is 'angst.' Really, blogger? You know me too well.

aimee said...

in the first photo, the trees look like they are holding hands! spectacular!

cindy* said...

love the last one...gorgeous!

cindy said...

thanks all and cindy* - there's something spiritual about that one for me. i don't know why. something with the bright light.