garden : spring flowers

Spring Flowers
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hello, hello! i love spring. it's my favorite season and always amazes me when beautiful blooms emerge from the frozen tundra, ok, soil. we've had an incredible amount of rain lately and i'm grateful there has been no flooding in our neighborhood. the reports on the news are terrible and we have a lot of empathy for those who have been submerged in water.

these blooms are from the new york botanical garden and wave hill and i'll have more orchids and greenhouse flowers next week. i hope you have a lovely weekend and happy easter to those who celebrate. scott's cousin and wife are driving in from nebraska, so we'll have some new faces at the table this holiday.

xo, cindy

ps scott says thanks for the nice words about his view of nyc. he's a very good scout and guy. we get along pretty well most of the time, but are not sickening like the couple in the movie best in show. swear ;).

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers


painted fish studio said...

thank you for sharing your spring! it gets me excited for what's to come here!

L'Atelier said...

beautiful spring photos
enjoy your weekend

Nancy said...

I like your 'pairs' photos of flowers on the ground and in the trees!

Joyce said...

Cindy spring is definitely singing your song! Will you be hosting Easter? Happy Easter you, Scott and Charlie! xo

Megan Walker said...

Happy spring Cindy! I bet you are so delighted to see flowers start popping up more and more (and in more places than just the Botanical Gardens too). It certainly seemed to be a harsh winter for so many of you in the east and in the midwest :(

Your photo pairs are so lovely, but I must say, your first set - the pink blossoms - are simply STUNNING! I could barely take my eyes off of them! And the pink against that turquoise sky as well... just heaven!

Have a beautiful Easter my friend! xoxo

My name is PJ. said...

All beautiful shots of spring, but my favorite is that first diptic (sic)!

If you have Charlie to dinner, would you give him two hugs, 1 for me? I miss Scotty so much, it would be nice to know someone else is getting part of that love. ;)

Happy Easter! Have a glorious weekend!!!

sinnlighet said...

What a wonderful blog you have. I leave a footprint from Sweden & Agneta. Nice to meet you!

cindy said...

thanks to mother nature for such pretty sights! i was just lucky to be there.

joyce - we are going to visit scott's aunt for easter.

pj - will do! going through these holidays at least for the first year after the loss can be extremely difficult. thinking of you and your scotty.

hi nancy and sinnlighet - will visit you both!

Bella Sinclair said...

What pretty little white flowers popping out of the lawn! And HAHAHA for that HUGE caterpillar!

Enjoy your weekend, Cindy & Scott!

leila said...

SO, i am so glad you left me some sweetness on my blog (olivejuice) because your stuff is awesome! those flowers are stunning! i LOVE spring too! it is just such a pretty time of year.. so many colors and inspiration everywhere! and i do have to say that you had to talk about the movie best in show! HILARIOUS! that movie is great.. and thank you for not being like the couple.. even though as an outsider that would be kinda funny ;) anywho.. have a LOVELY weekend! :)

Flowers said...

your flower photos are a joy to behold. Each and every one of them Keep on posting :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the top pictures! It reminds me of a project I once saw in marie claire Idees. It was an embroidery project with those blossoms on a sky blue scarf.
Happy Easter to you and Scott.

darling savage said...

lovely photo pairings! happy spring!

Line said...

I would love to see the cherry blosson when i go to N-Y.... do you think it would be a good timing, I'm hoping it will!!!

happy easter!!!!