garden : orchid fever

NYBG : Lady's Slipper Orchid
video : change the world by eric clapton
this song makes me cry if i think about scott when i hear it.
a good loving cry though, not the ugly one.

hello, hello! thank you for all the can do encouragement! this weekend i believed it and got enough photos for posts about -
  1. can do - i never noticed so many little plants around town.
  2. cherry blossoms, including one tree that still had its cherries.
  3. spring blooms, including an amazing lilac & wisteria bonsai.
  4. our pretty flower-adorned neighborhood (sunnyside), which was just listed as the third best place to live in nyc according to a survey in new york magazine.
these are the orchid photos i took the second time round at the new york botanical garden. and, you know what? i did not feel good at all that day. i didn't want to miss the opportunity though because the show was going to close, so i pushed myself (can do). to keep it simple the aperture was set to 3.5 and i was lucky because the light was so pretty. my mom loved orchids and would have loved these.

so, what would you like to see next from the list? do tell.

xo, cindy

NYBG : Phalaenopsis
NYBG : Orchid Show
NYBG : Orchid Show
NYBG : Lady's Slipper Orchid
NYBG : Dancing Lady Orchid
NYBG : Orchid Show


Pascale said...

Dear Cindy, your orchid photographs are so crisp - you absolutely 'can do it', even on a not so good day... Wonderful photos - You should do a botanical Blurb book. Really!

Cat said...

Lovely orchid shots! So vibrant...defiantly lifted my spirits today :) Thank you!

blue moss said...

hi cindy...
your photos are always so amazing...but i did a little "audible gasp" when i saw the top one...
pascale is should do a book
hope you are all better

cindy said...

thanks ladies and i'm good as gold. i never thought of a book of botanicals. it might be nice and good excuse to visit more in nyc ;).

Krissy said...

so, so, so, so pretty! I bought my nana an orchid for her birthday back in march and it's still blooming. gorgeous flowers :)

Line said...

gorgeous flowers Cindy!!!

L'Atelier said...

the photographs are beautiful!

Joyce said...

Oooh Cindy I'm speechless! xo

Jamie said...

Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to hit the arboretum soon.

Julia said...

Your skills are mad, woman, just mad skills! I'm so impressed!

I would love to see Cherry blossoms!


darling savage said...

really, really beautiful photos. i can almost smell the flowery scents... :)

olive juice photography said...

omg these are just gorgeous! so so gorgeous! (i sent you an email back about that overhead shot) i will send it again :) and thank you so much for asking about it! it turns out that tons of people love that shot! :)

nadia said...

such lovely and crisp photographs! i love your love for flowers i think i would love to go to the botanical garden with you both, you must know it inside out- i mean outside in:)!

Megan Coyle said...

Gorgeous orchid pictures - it's amazing how they come in so many shapes, sizes and colors. They're making me think of that movie Adaptation.

simplesong said...

wow, beautiful! the details + colors are amazing!

Bella Sinclair said...

I absolutely love orchids! The lighting on these is beautiful, especially when the sunshine is dappled.

I'd love to see the flowers in your neighborhood. :D

Megan Walker said...

Simply STUNNING Cindy - just STUNNING.

And I've always loved that Clapton song too :)