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video : chasing pirates by norah jones
i have called her 'snorah' jones, but not this time.

hello, hello! i hope you all had a lovely weekend and easter if you celebrate. the weather has been beautiful here and we enjoyed a nice family get together. wave hill will be featured on martha stewart today and also here on quaint. most of these photos were taken in their greenhouses and feature the prettiest flowers. enjoy your monday!

xo, cindy

ps i hope all of our friends in southern california are ok after the earthquake, yesterday.

pretty in pink.

sweet rock garden bloom.

gigantic variety of lemon and pocketbook plant.

so tiny.

the vine is incredible.

wave hill has wonderful art programs and is currently displaying knitted hats made by visitors for robyn love’s project, house study/handmade. we mentioned robyn once before with her crocheted water tower cozy. when we visited recently, they were also displaying work from their children's art programs, which must be pretty cool for the kids.


Krissy said...

gorgeous photos! Glad you had a great weekend... The weather was beautiful here too :)

My name is PJ. said...

There is something about the single bloom photos that speaks to me today. Just beautiful!

Michelle T said...

When I get to NY one day, I absolutely have to visit Brooklyn :) and see the Botanical Garden and Wave Hill. Thanks for these lovely photos, Cindy!

Line said...

the weather was like summer here... I will ask again, do you think that the cherry blossoms will be open when I visit N-Y!!!

lovely pictures, you know how I loev flowers!!!

Joyce said...

Cindy so beautiful and singing spring loud and clear! I hope you enjoyed your weekend with your out of town guest. xo

Jamie said...

All the gorgeous flowers make me doubly excited to get back to the US this weekend to experience spring.

cindy said...

thanks everyone! it has been so warm here and may go up to 80 degrees this week!

it will be late when you get here ms. line, but they could be. you might see the petal snow, which is so pretty. i'll cross my fingers for you and your camera!

Dawn said...

i love your flower shots!


Glorious Cindy!
Haven't been there before...I heard they have plants from all over the world~
Happy Spring*


Line said...

it looks like I didn't get your mail, I got one saying that you would e mail me, but than nothing!!!

sorry Cindy, but try this mail

see you!!

cindy said...

i'll give that one a try!

Line said...

sorry it's me again, I just sent you a mail!!

good luck!

ha ha ha!!

erin said...

such sweet little blooms. thanks so much for your kind words about my uncle, cindy. xo.

greenbeanbaby said...

you have some good taste in music!!! and always such amazing eye candy!!! i'd love to check out that wave hill too!

Megan Walker said...

Cindy, I am so excited about your sweet yellow pocketbook plant photo! I have never known the name of that mysterious little pillow-like flower and now I do! Yay! And the knitted hats are just adorable too!


Ann Martin said...

Oh this is perfect... it reminded me to add Wave Hill to my list of places to visit this summer. I love your heart profile pic by the way.

L'Atelier said...

breathtaking photographs! here its autumn now, the leaves are changing colours and the weather is gone wild- rain and only 20C today, on sunday its suppose to be 29C again.
looking at the beautiful flowers made me yearn for spring and the northern hemisphere :)
have a nice weekend

Bella Sinclair said...

Whoa, look at that pocketbook plant! Unusual and beautiful. Looks like very lovely weather. Hooray, spring!