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Cobalt Blue Glasses
Dutch Reamer

the cobalt blue glasses were collected by scott's mom, helen. isn't that color just wow? after a lifetime of collecting (there must be over 200 pieces!), we're helping charlie down-size it as things have become a burden for him. all day sunday he told us what we should say when we bring some of these pieces to the consignment shop - tell them someone else just offered you $5 more each or, you need more space in your storage locker or, you'll think about their offer. and, don't look desperate. oh brother. i just said ok to everything - it's easier that way.

i did find the wonderful reamer & pitcher while i was there and he said i could have it. but, i try not to take many things, just a few special pieces as we'd like to down-size a bit, too. collecting is a great past time as you learn about the history of pieces and the time period, but make your choices carefully because it's a lot easier to quickly buy than it is to quickly sell.

xo, cindy

ps thanks to jen for the lovely post today about our shop. it must be good karma because i had two orders this afternoon representing four items!


Julia said...

Oh, my! Sweetheart, these pieces are gorgeous--of course they're showcased by your photography skills!

Tell Charlie we say hello :)

Jamie said...

It is so hard to let some of those collections go.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! I would love to have those glasses!!!

Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs said...

I SO know what you're saying. But that reamer is fantastic!

MissBliss said...

those glasses are simply gorgeous-- bring on the oj or champagne,
or both :)

painted fish studio said...

the blues are so beautiful!

i love charlie more and more with each story. :)

Line said...

simply gorgeous I love that blue!!

Joyce said...

Oh Charlie you crack me up. I love the vintage juicer!!! I have a few of them I not only think they are better to squeeze my oj or lemons, but they are a work of art.
Cindy, will you be selling some of his pieces in your shop? xo

Cindy said...

he really puts us through the paces! and, he speaks so softly these days, i can barely hear him without saying what a million times. plus, he can't hear me too well, either. it's an interesting dynamic ;).

i'll probably have some pieces in the shop, but not sure what or when. there are decorative things like candy jars, candle sticks, etc., but the glasses are in quantities of 12+. i don't have room and we'd like to get them to a shop that will move them quickly.

Megan Coyle said...

these are gorgeous! cobalt blue really is a "wow" blue :)

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

those glasses make me swoon ~ stunning! two hands raised here if they ever need a new home ~

btw..your blog is lovely. adore it's simplistic beauty.

L'Atelier said...

i love the blues!
that reamer is really really special.
i love seeing other peoples collections. and i love pieces with history.
while i really admire collections,i am not a good collector myself. i have a fear of having to much stuff-- it should more or less fit into a few boxes- since i might move to the other end of the world
the only exception:books they seem to magically multiply in our household