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High Line

last weekend we visited the newly-opened section to the high line, which extends it ten blocks north up to 30th street. we love this beautifully-designed elevated park and this new section is great because you really feel tucked in between the buildings on either side. along with wild flowers, there's also a section with grass and a sense that you're above the trees.

the rainbow city installation for kids was cute and it seems there was a marriage proposal. on our way south we saw a banner on a building asking sabrina for her hand in marriage followed by the case with champagne, roses and the engagement ring. i wonder what happened?

enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps have you heard of brooke waggoner? her music is terrific and you can download her new album, heal for the honey, for free. i love the song young friend.


Erika Lee Sears said...

how romantic! I love nyc :( makes me want to go and visit.

painted fish studio said...

i heart ny. why don't i live there?!

Megan Coyle said...

sounds like a glorious weekend :) your pictures always make me want to go back to nyc for a visit!

and what fun that you found a proposal set-up.

tamara said...

looks like such a beautiful park.

yes brooke seems like such a dear person, too. my band contributed to "the wind will carry the voice of the people" to benefit tornado victims in AL, and it was lovely to see she had done the same. such a sweet voice.

chelsea said...

Beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy!

Line said...

yes it is beautiful and I can't wait to make it to N-Y again....happy week end

lilabraga said...

soooooo romantic and sweet!
who can resist NY?

Meg the Wild Child said...

WOW! That park is gorgeous! I can hardly fathom that whole concept - but how innovative and smart! Not to mention how many people will be able to enjoy it! And who doesn't go mushy with that kind of proposal :)

I hope you're having a wonderful July 4th weekend! xo

Andrea Reh said...

Just discovered your pretty, pretty blog, will definitely be following from now on.

Andrea x

Jamie said...

Gorgeous photos - what a lovely place.

I love, love love Brooke Waggoner - thanks so much for the tip.

L'Atelier said...

gorgeous! one day i will visit ny!