celebrity deathmatch: carrie vs. indiana

She: "It's
sooooo hot today, would you like to go to the movies?"
He: "Sure. What should we see?"

She: "Well, I looked in the paper and we could see Sex and the City, or Indiana Jones."

He: [Surprise, surprise.] "How should we decide?"

She: "Odd or evens?" [ I hope he picks evens, I always prefer odds.]
He: "Evens, or you'll pout."
She: [Yay!] "Ok, 1, 2, 3 shoot!"

She: [Yay!] "ODDS! Ok, 1, 2, 3 shoot!"

He: [Oh, I'll shoot all right!]

He: [Yes!] "EVENS, EVENS!" [Come on!]
She: "Chill, it's just a movie. Ok, last one. 1, 2, 3 shoot!"


He: "OH NO! Not that movie! The HUMANITY!" [I mean I like Kristen Davis and all, but come on, that's for girls. What's it rated anyway?]

She: "Indiana Jones here we come - hubba hubba!"

He: "Really?"

She: "Sure, just not TODAY!" [Note, I tried to do the Tom Cruise thing when he was on Oprah, but I don't think I pulled it off. I wanted to jump on my brother's brand new leather couch, but he just gave me the stink eye. Boys are crazy.]

UPDATE : We've seen the movie and it was gorgeous ...
She: "Oh please let me tell them what you did at least 3 times during the emotional scenes!"
She: "But, it was so cute. You know when Carrie gives Louise the Louis Vuitton bag?" [hint hint]
He: "You're pushing your luck if you keep typing!"
She: "Oh, ok. Thanks for going with me; you're such a good sport. [Drat those coupons yet again!]
He: "Ok, but next time it's my call. And, I had that idea for renting bags years ago when it seemed like you had a new kate spade bag every week!"
She: "Yes, cutie." [He did! And
, is it me, or did Carrie's apartment increase in size by 100%? I loved it the old way, but the electric blue and the modern touches were so fabulous. Oh, and all of the wedding stuff - "big" time swoon.]

Photo Credits : Top two the respective movie studios, the rest were by us with some help from Flickr Toys.


Joanna Goddard said...

so funny:)

Krissy said...

you guys are so funny! I need to see this movie :)

design for mankind. said...

HA. :)

diana @ please sir said...

Haha - yes I just saw it this weekend too. I agree on her apartment!

Mrs.French said...

I just went too...complete and total eye candy. I am not even sure if I caught most of the plot...my eyes were all over the place.

quaint handmade said...

thanks ladies! poor scott! during the movie i kept saying things like "oh, cool, sweet, want that, must have that" not so much about the fashion (except the wedding gowns), but all of the other things.

xo, c

pia said...

looks like i'm with boyfriend here. am i the only woman on the planet who will not be seeing this movie? are you wondering if i need to get my brain checked? i often wonder that too.

i did go to see indiana with french boy the other weekend and it was fabulous! but i've always been a fan. px

quaint handmade said...

hey pia - i don't think there's a need to get your head examined over the sex and the city movie as you've clearly managed to rise above the hype ;)!

i love shoot 'em up movies as much as the next "guy", and sometimes more. scott hates the matrix movies [what's going on?], but i love them.

xo, cindy

julie king said...

this one was way funny! i saw indy but not SITC yet. my hubbie refuses to go to SITC so i need to do a girlfriend night in order to see it.

stacy said...