the business of craft

thanks so much for the comments and your thoughts everyone! i'm leaning towards something like "the business of craft". i'm currently working on a new product line and facing some struggles with it. also, as previously posted, i'm pondering the question of "to blog or not to blog".

i don't really keep a journal and i'm kind of shy. i think about things quite a bit before i actually write them down whether they represent a plan or a pattern. probably not a good idea and a key contributor to my insomnia - hmmm.

so, the blog would represent a new method of documenting my steps along the way. i'd like the format to be different than paragraph text. i like to quickly scan content and i'm thinking bulleted lists of some sort. maybe, i would alternate posts between business + craft with some fun stuff thrown in.

i don't want to be a blogger that only talks about content i've found on other blogs or feel like the tank has run dry. at this point, i better start drafting an outline, so i can see the logical sequence of where i would take this journey. now, where's that pencil?


design for mankind. said...

Oh I'm so excited for this, Cindy!!! :)

cindy k said...

thanks erin! your support means a lot.