olive's in the shower?

She: "Dude, what happened to the shower head?"
He: "Well, you asked me to clean it."
She: "Yeah."
He: "I took it a part because I didn't see a filter."
She: "Uh huh."
He: "And, I couldn't put it back together. It wasn't cheap, but it was cheaply made."
She: "But you're a member of the Handyman Club of America."
He: "Very funny. For your information, that was unsolicited."
She: Like the AARP card? Well, thanks for cleaning it, but the new one is so small Olive Oyl wouldn't even fit under it."
He: "Hahaha. You're so funny."
She: "Actually, I like this one better. Good job."
Photo Credit : Max Fleischer


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quaint handmade said...

the new shower head is reminiscent of kramer's in the seinfeld episode where it was so powerful he went flying, just on a smaller scale.