who defines exercise?

She: (Groans)

He: "What's the matter?"

She: "I'm sure there are centenarians who wake up each day feeling better than I do right now. How did you let me get so old?"

He: "You're 3 years younger than me and I'm not old. You don't exercise, or eat fruits and vegetables."

She: "Do too."

He: "Playing the air guitar is not exactly exercise."
She: "Is too! I saw a
documentary all about the World Championships, so it is serious business."
He: "I think it's crazy business. What about the fruits and vegetables?"
She: "I've got those covered: Raisinets and Pizza!"
He: "Oh brother. (I'll fix this.) Do you want to go to Target?"

She: (Jumps out of bed). "Ok. I'll be ready in half an hour!"
Photo Credit : US Air Guitar


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