what it be?

I like to make things and often think that if I can just come up with an idea it would be so easy. Creating something original is such a challenge for me because I really take inspiration from everywhere and want to do everything. This usually ends up in more thinking than doing.

I also don’t feel like a “natural” artist. It doesn’t just flow out of me; I have to try really hard. Recently, Design For Mankind started a great series called “Roadmaps: A Guide For Creative Pursuit” and it is helping me to get moving. But, once in motion, there’s so much to do.

As previously posted, I’m working on a collection called Square Dance, which started with fabric flowers made from two-sided calico fabric. I’m happy to finally have some focus, but it leads to so many decisions. As a Libra, making a choice is very challenging.

At this point, I’d like to have three different products in the collection – the fabric flowers, a matchbook notebook, and a note card. The flowers can be used in several forms as seen in the photo – magnet, brooch, push pin and/or sachet. Except for the sachet, the labor involved in making each version is about the same, but is the perception when it comes to pricing different?

For example, would someone perceive the price of a push pin to be dramatically different than for a brooch? From a business perspective, which form is best in terms of value? I've thought about giving the option to choose, but that might get a little crazy as each flower would have to be custom made. Sounds like a coin flip might be in order, but which coin to use?


Anonymous said...

I love this flowers...
How did you make ???
Could you please teach me.
I'am brasilien women...
Escuse me , my english is not good.
My address :
Thank you !!!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Hi there,
I just bought the book you mention in this 2008 post... i guess I'm a bit behind. Anyway I would love to make some of these flowers but I don't know what tools to use. In the book there are various tools on p60-63. Do you know what they are and where to get them? Is it the Clover mini iron set? Also how do you cut the pieces so precisely? Would love to know. Am adding you to my list to follow! Can't wait to start reading your doings.
Best and thanks,

cindy said...

hi suzanne - thank you for visiting and i apologize for not responding sooner. i've been mostly offlne this week.

i'm sorry, what book are you referencing? for the flowers, i use a paper quilling technique and just make strips and cut into them vertically every quarter inch or so to make the petals. then using glues, roll them up. i'll try to find more information for you this week!