life in the navy

He: "I couldn't fall a sleep last night."

She: "I've been there. How come?"

He: "After watching that documentary
Carrier, I couldn't stop thinking about it."
She: "It looks really hard to be deployed on an aircraft carrier to who knows where for six months."

"Out of context, the ship and jets are really cool. But, when you put them into context, it's not a good situation. We forget how hard it is to be in the military, especially now. Most of the guys/girls enlisted are so young."
She: "Many signed-up to get out of bad home environments. Something clicked in them to try to make a change. They are inspiring."
He: "Yeah. I
t's a long series, but if people watched just one episode it would be an eye-opener."
She: "On a lighter note, the Soundtrack is really great. The song by The Killers, "All These Things That I've Done," is right on the money."
Photo Credit : PBS

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