save the planet

She: "It's
Earth Day today."
He: "Yes, what do we do to conserve energy?"
She: "Well, you drive a 4-cylinder Honda Accord instead of an SUV. We recycle our cans, paper and plastics . We buy vintage. We take the subway or walk a lot. Our co-op is getting a solar roof, too."
He: "Why don't you turn off that computer for the day?"
She: (Cringe) "Ok, see you guys tomorrow."
Photo credit :
John McConnell


design for mankind. said...

HA. I'm loving this! :)

Cindy K said...

well, it took me a few hours, but by 2 pm i was on computer lock down. i got a lot of crafty work done, but it was not easy to resist restarting the beast (computer, not my husband).