craft : patchwork & the black eye

Floor Mat Transformed
The sunny color choices for the floor mat were too bright for our gray bathroom, so I turned it into a tablecloth for our yellow kitchen! The fabrics used are from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Heather Ross, and a Japanese fabric called Honeycomb. I didn't want to create an actual quilt with batting, backing and binding, so I used fusible interfacing in white on the back for a neat finish. I've ordered Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin, so it would be great to stamp a pattern on the back (just what I need, another hobby ;)). We'll see because once I'm done with something that's usually it.

Although I often focus on what's 'wrong' when I make something, I am happy with how this spontaneous project turned out. The colors are cheery and look happy in our kitchen. Also, I do enough washing and ironing, so the Italian in me has put a heavy-weight clear plastic on top to keep it clean. I barely notice it, or choose not to ;).

Floor Mat Do-Over

Now that the floor mat has been transformed into a tablecloth, I still want something new for our bathroom, although it could really use a more dramatic makeover. This is the one we have now, which I made with fabrics from the Denyse Schmidt collection called Katie Jump Rope. I like it, but I'm ready for something different.

The fabrics I'm going with this time are from the Moda collection called 'Apron Strings'. They're typical calico and offer a much softer color palette. I'm going to kind of follow the patchwork pattern called 'Stacked Coins' from Purl's Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. Since I only have a bunch of 4" squares, I hope there's enough fabric for the coins part. A nice calico in a a soft gray would be pretty to bring it all together, but that might be difficult to find. I'll check City Quilter and Purl Patchwork with fingers crossed.

What Happened to You?

What do we have here? I think it warrants a multiple choice question. Choose one. Scott -
  1. Came home, turned off my boy Jason, turned on Steely Dan, and got popped.
  2. Decided to get one eye lifted so he would look half his age.
  3. Was practicing playing Cyclops for an upcoming movie role.
  4. Visited an underground fight club.
  5. Has sensitive eyelids and had to have the doctor fix one and make it all better.
Although no. 1 is true minus the getting popped part and changing the music is perfectly fine as I am a stereo hog, the correct answer is no. 5. He has a shiner and looks oh so rugged like Rocky (I'll spare you those pictures).

Happy Wednesday!
xo, Cindy


please sir said...

Love your results - the colors are great! Oh no about the eye - hope he feels better!

Jude said...

The tablecloth transformation looks beautiful, as does the new floor mat. Kudos to you!

That patch doesn't look too comfy. Hope Scott doesn't have to wear it too long! ☺

S.HOPtalk said...

Love, love, love the tablecloth and yellow kitchens!

Hope Scott feels better soon.

Julia said...

Poor thing! I thought he was in an underground fight club. But, if that were true we wouldn't actually know about it, thanks to that first pesky rule they have (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you need to see Fight Club--that will help clear up a few things :) And your quilt is so, so dear! I love the bright happy colors!

jess gonacha said...

oh, the poor hubby! and your sewing is byoo-tee-full!

design for mankind. said...


cindy : quaint said...

thanks for the patchwork love you guys. scott is much better and very happy for the attention - oh brother.

julia, i'm sorry to say that we have seen the movie, a few times - yikes!

Mrs.French said...

I knew it was too pretty to walk on...although I personally think everything here is...I would frame all of them and hang them on the wall around here. Oh and poor Scott...I hope he heals beautifully.

SimplyGrove said...

It looks great!! Not the shiner but the tablecloth:)

bandelle said...

Pretty amazing tablecloth for a spontaneous project! I can't wait to see what you do for your bathroom.


Elizabeth said...

Poor guy, I hope he is doing better.

Love all the colors on the table cloth.

cindy : quaint said...

thanks ladies!

Laura said...

Hiya! I found you through a comment you left on Posie Gets Cozy :)

That is so pretty!! I am a huge fan of fabric ;)

greenbeanbaby said...

i was gonna guess #5 too as i actually never heard of that before [sensitive eyelids]... i hope him and his eye recover nicely! at least he could be a pirate for halloween... or maybe he could be HALF johnny deppish from the once upon a time in mexico [although the other guy [cheech or is it chong?! i forget] he had a missing eye in that same movie too... ok, but seriously best wishes on that recovering eye...

and your quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! GOSH!!! i wish i could do PAPER quilts but mine never look well together... it takes skill to put patterns together without looking mussy... yours is so bright!! i'd love curtains like that! for EVERY ROOM :)

cindy : quaint said...

hi laura - i'm off to visit you now.
wuz' up ellia - you are so cute with the pirate-concept. there's actually a guy we used to see at antique shows here who dressed like a pirate all the time, including the parrot. thank you for the patchwork love. i'm happy i finished it ;)!