tunes : thank you & elbow

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with us yesterday. It's interesting to read about the impact 9.11.01 had on people from other places and how a simple change in plans helped some to avoid disaster. I think I have a song today that provides a gentle transition from such a solemn day.

Apparently, based on my purchase history,
Amazon seems to think I should like the English band Elbow. I checked them out a few times and wasn't sure. Then recently, I saw the band perform on Live From Abbey Road and thought they were great. My favorite song is called One Day Like This and it is a romantic gem - "kiss me when my lips are thin".

Earlier this week
Holly posted about the music she's listening to and encouraged everyone to do the same - sounds good to me. We'll be keeping on eye on Texas this weekend as it looks like hurricane Ike is heading in that direction.

Happy weekend - hope it's beautiful!

xo, Cindy

PS I think there's a little somthin-somethin between the singer and one of the violin players. What do you think?


Cicada Studio said...

I'm digging this tune. I'll have to check out the rest of the album. I'm fine with one hits, really- it's more about the song than the band for me, but boy, I could really use some new music and it's exciting when you fall in love with 10 songs in a row..

Jude said...

I'm always all over the board with what I'm listening to. Right now the new EmilĂ­ana Torrini CD is in heavy rotation. I will definitely give Elbow a listen as I usually end up liking bands featured on Live from Abbey Road.

Thanks, again, for your post yesterday. Have a great weekend, Cindy!

please sir said...

I like the song - romantic and lovely. Violin players in a band is always a plus for me!

julie king said...

love the name of the band and the song. the blonde violinist definitely had eyes for the lead singer!!

Julia said...

I love hearing about new artists! I love your taste in music!

How's the cyclops? Is his eye feeling better?

cindy : quaint said...

michelle - i'm kind of the same way.
jude - i will check him out for sure.
diana - i love the addition of strings, especially in rock music!
julie - glad you see it, too!
julia - yay - cyclops is much better, thx!

lotta said...

That song is great. Thank you for pointing out something new and fresh. I loved your reflections on September 11. You were so much closer to the event than we ever where, and still every moment of that day is etched in my memory forever. The most haunting part was the beautiful weather - an absolutely perfect indian summer day. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day - I am glad I have discovered yours.

Mrs.French said...

Yay! I love it! I absolutely can't get enough of the strings...seems I am not alone here, the lead singer definitely has something going with the blonde violist...

Bonbon Oiseau said...

perfect choice--i love this. I have already played it twice! xo

cindy : quaint said...

thank you lotta - i agree.
mrs. french - glad you see it, too.
deb - yay!