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Pink Roses
Scented Geranium

overnight, it's gotten quite chilly around here, and although we're happy to turn off the a/c, we're not ready to turn on the heat. last weekend we didn't know what to do with ourselves, so we visited the new york botanical garden and found plenty of late summer flowers still in bloom - hurray! enjoy your weekend.

xo, cindy


painted fish studio said...

i can't believe how quickly the weather changed for us in minnesota! monday it was in the 80's and by wednesday it was in the 60's. i'm so sad to see summer go. but i do love thinking about updating my fall wardrobe with warm goodies!

ps: love the daisy shot.

Cindy said...

for us it changed within one day, but i'm sure there are a few more warm days to come & thank you!

Line said...

it's the same here, fall as come and so soon, it did changed too within one or two days, well I love these cute flowers to remember summer by!

Joyce said...

It is cooler in my corner too. Have a golden weekend!! xo

pierre said...

a lot of intresting things here

Vasu said...

wow, so beautiful....i just love them