project | the 365-continues

Balcony View
the view from charlie's 11th floor terrace is interesting & scary if you're afraid of heights. i'm kind of on the fence.

Mail Call
the coolest snail mail from jen.

Bottle Edge
an interesting way to recycle bottles.

Remembering 9/11
joe mcnally's photography exhibit, faces of ground zero, featured photos of heroes taken ten years ago & now. his work is beautiful, but the incredible stories of survival were what made them speak to us.

today is the 256th day of the year and my 365-photography project is still going. although i don't want to count down the days of my life and hurry them along, i'll be happy when this project is finished. maybe it's me, but didn't this summer seem to fly?

xo, cindy

ps i'm too indecisive to get a permanent tattoo, but these temporary tattly's look fun.


Line said...

I love that first shot so much, a 365 project I don't know how I could make it, these days I take pictures about once a week, well, well!

Joyce said...

Charlie's apartment feels like it is in the clouds.
I love what they did with the bottles in the garden. I wonder if that would work in mine. :)
Love the exhibit too! xo

Jamie said...

Oh the view from charlie's apartment, what a perfect spot for people watching

painted fish studio said...

i love that you're doing the 365 project and have kept up with it. you take wonderful photos. and now i know what to do with my empty wine bottles! :)

L'Atelier said...

Love all the photos! and like the others i am enjoying your 365 project a lot- makes me think i should do another one next year...maybe

rebecca said...

well hello fellow new yorker. beautiful photos!

Dallas Shaw said...

really fun. that is the prettiest snail mail


tamara said...

ooh, the tattlys are genius. and that ground zero exhibit looks amazing.