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Fruit Buffet
Guest Room
Guest Room

when we visited greenport on the north shore of long island, we stayed at the bartlett house inn on the recommendation of a friend. it is a beautifully restored victorian b&b enhanced with every modern day convenience, but the thing that stood out most to us was the hospitality of the innkeepers, jack & diane. reminds me of the song now that i think about it - wonder how many times they're heard that one?

we were supposed to go on a friday for the weekend, but scott's dad, charlie, wasn't feeling well and had an appointment with the doctor. we thought scott should go with him and called the inn to let them know we wouldn't be arriving that day. we expected to lose our money, but diane was so understanding and able to book the room for the night on super short notice making us really happy about doing the right thing.

the inn is very photogenic (beautiful light) and diane would leave the doors open to some of the unoccupied guest rooms making it easy to snoop. we didn't have enough time in greenpoint and will definitely being going back. not sure when, but we know where we'll stay.

xo, cindy


Joyce said...

Cindy this is a beautiful place. I hope you and Scott had a wonderful time. I also hope Charlie is back on his feet. xo

Cindy said...

He's much better, Joyce. xo, C

We Blog Artists said...

OH wow, I just LOVE those bird houses...I think they call for an illustration!
LOVE them...such a pretty house.
Sorry been a little absent in the visiting your's been a busy Summer.
About to catch up a little.
HUGS and hope all is well.

Line said...

what a great place for vacation I hope you guys go back soon!!

tamara said...

gorgeous light indeed. that breakfast spread looks delicious. i'm really craving fruit lately.

painted fish studio said...

it's so beautiful, and having understanding & kind hosts makes it even more amazing!

Elizabeth said...

What a pretty inn! I knew a couple with the same names, and I always thought of that song!

Meg the Wild Child said...

What a GORGEOUS B&B! (and I, too, thought of the song immediately! lol) Loved the porch, the bird houses... and the bedrooms were just STUNNING! And it does make such a difference when the Inn Keepers are lovely people!

I hope Sweet Charlie is all right? xo

L'Atelier said...

Glad to hear (above) that Charlie is better
and its wonderful you found such a treasure... great looking place with wonderful people. hope you get to go soon again- looking forward to more photos from greenpoint :)