imac needs first aid!

Thanks for all of the well wishes yesterday, I really appreciated them. But, unfortunately, the saga continues. One of the reasons we're changing from our old pc to a new mac is because when we start the pc the fan makes a loud noise for about 20 minutes. Plus, it's big and we've had the hard drive crash and other heartaches.

Yesterday, just as I finished migrating all of my data to the iMac with the help of a my neighbor who is a very patient technology consultant, it started to make a buzzing sound. He had left by then and I was finishing up in Quickbooks - double ugh.

Although it doesn't sound like a fan, I thought it could be as both computers were running in the same area and it was a little bit hot. So, I shut it off. Put on the air conditioner. Come back later. Try again. Buzz, buzz, buzz. Call Tech support. No difference. Now, we have to take it to the Apple store for repair. Ugh!

But, I'm not complaining. I'm not COMPLAINING. I'm NOT COMPLAINING. I'M COMPLAINING!

Has anyone ever have a problem like this with a Mac? I just hope they can fix it without losing all of the work involved in moving my files, emails, etc. and that it doesn't become a recurring situation.

6.26.08 Update:
iMac is now with Tech Support so they can "bust it open and run some diagnostics" to identify what all the buzz is about. I've been warned that it might be a bad hard drive - eek! I gave them the brand new external hard drive I was going to use, so I hope if that's the case, they'll be able to back it up. But, I still have my PC hooked up just in case.

7.8.08 Update: iMac had a misaligned fan and it was replaced. Phew!

xo, Cindy

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Krissy said...

oh man! that's not good. do you have the software cds that came with the imac? maybe try booting off the disk aid one??? I'm sure if you called tech support they had you try that. Good luck! Hope it works out for you.

diana @ please sir said...

Awww...I don't have a Mac, but I hope it all works it out! Good luck!

A Print A Day said...

the apple folks have ALWAYS been very good about data retrieval but they do give a disclaimer that sometimes they may not be able to.

my powermac used to have that loud fan noise, and it turns out that the fan was a bit lopsided and was hitting one of the wires. is that what yours sounds like? they were able to replace the fan and fix it.

do you still have a warranty? macs usually come with a 1 year warranty that you can renew prior to it expiring.

good luck!

design for mankind. said...

Eek--- I haven't had that problem, but I agree with Yas--- Apple can get just about any file off that hard drive. ;)

quaint handmade said...

the thought of taking it to an apple store gave me a stomach ache - it just seems like such a zoo and you have to make an appt! we found a place close by, so it should be ok in that regard.

i feel like this blog has become a disaster with all of this self-pity. i'm unhappy about it and feel like someone should give me a blogging time-out ;)! anyone?

quaint handmade said...

thanks you guys! it's only 1 week old and i just got to the backing up point when it started to make that noise.

it's functioning ok, but the sound isn't right. i tend to be miss doom and gloom when it comes to things i can't control, and it will probably be something like Yas said. scott thinks so, too.

i'll know tomorrow.

Mrs.French said...

Computer problems are the worst...literally makes me feel like my life is on hold. Actually, doesn't just feel that way, it is on hold! Hope this works out for you. I have never heard of such a thing with a mac...good luck!

A Print A Day said...

ah mine was about 6 months old when the whirring would think that for the price, these things wouldn't happen, especially when they're still quite new. but alas...

quaint handmade said...

i agree mrs. french - how did we get like this?

whole-heartedly agree yas.