too slow, tagged again!

Sweet Julie King has tagged us with a different set of criteria this time. Here are the rules:
  • Link back to the person who tagged you. [done]
  • Post these rules on your blog. [done]
  • Share six unimportant things about yourself. [not sure they're unimportant, but they're true]
  • Tag six people at the end of your entry. [haven't done this, but please share some unimportant facts about you in the comments]
So, here's our He + She interpretation of the tag:

1. Mottos
She - "I need that like a hole in the head." [see the bowl above - 2/$20!]
He - "She needs that like a hole in the head!" [now she'll complain she has nowhere to put them!]

2. Secrets

She, allegedly, sounds like she's eating cupcakes when sleeping. [why cupcakes? it's a quiet food.]
He will only wear tartan plaid, slim guy boxers. [what is that in the photo?]

3. Value to the Team
She is the technology guru in the house, and can program the tv, cable box and vcr to record at the same time. [yes, the show we want to tape!]
He makes them each a delicious brown bag lunch every day. [see photo

4. Needs Improvement

She sometimes throws a tantrum that involves jumping up and down. [
maybe once a year, so?]
He has a horrendous sense of direction. [if he says to go right, go left.]

5. Cravings
She currently loves Green Tea Lattes. [must be the color of bright green peas.]
He prefers coffee from local shops/delis, but will drink it from anywhere, anytime, anyplace. [he drinks a lot of diet pepsi, too.]

6. Behaviors
She loves old things + new stuff. [see photo
He irons sharp creases into his chinos. [and, so?]

Photo Credit : Cindy, under time pressure 'cause that sandwich looks good.


Mrs.French said...

You guys seriously slay me..not matter what type of day I am having, I can always pop over and have a good chuckle...thank you for that!

Lily Boot said...

What fun! What a good match the two of you are! And I do like the style of your blog - the conversations are delightfully funny and so good to have the male perspective.

Elizabeth said...

Both the photos are real fun, and give a sense of you guys. That sandwich looks very tasty by the way!

Krissy said...

You crack me up! mmm. green tea latte...... (in voice like Homer Simpson)

design for mankind. said...

i love it!

quaint handmade said...

thank you so much ladies and welcome to lily! sometimes (often), the funniest thing is scott's expression when he sees my written interpretation of our experiences. priceless!

xo, c

julie king said...

i love, love, love, love what you did with this tag!! you guys always make me smile -- and sometimes laugh out loud!! thanks for being sports and playing along!!

quaint handmade said...

thank you julie and you're welcome! i think we were out in the sun too long, which is where we were when we came up with this one ;)!