studies in green

[Jadite Measuring Cups]

Last week I had a lot of fun working on photos for the I Saw Red project and decided to continue on through the color wheel in no particular order. The next color I'm working on is green. I love green, and as in nature, think of it almost as a neutral. So, there will be flowers, as usual.

[Vintage Drapes, McCoy Planter + Geranium]

Martha also has a project this week called s t i l l, which has to do with the art of still life photography. Martha mentioned a few things that I'm going to keep in mind:
  • Photograph simple, everyday objects.
  • Focus on the presence or absence of light.
  • Frame the shot; limit the use of the crop. I think it's kind of like using a digital camera in the same manner we use film cameras. Don't rely on the luxury of Photoshop to improve the photo.
  • Try to emulate some of your favorite photographers.

[Yin & Yang Cereal]

Please check out the flickr pool set-up for Martha's project and join in.
I'm not able to say that I integrated all of her criteria into these photos (especially cropping), but I can definitely see the influence.

[Cranstone Chintz Compote & Lace Shadow]

xo, Cindy

Photo Credit : Cindy


diana @ please sir said...

Such a neat project! I hope you don't mind - I added you to my blog love list!

quaint handmade said...

thanks diana! we're honored to be included. your blog is already in ours, hope that's ok?

Krissy said...

Cindy!!! The top image is gorgeous. They are all fantastic, but the measuring cups are my favorite.

Livy said...

Ooo. The lace shadow on that last shot makes for such an interesting photo. I love it!

S.hoptalk said...

They are all beautiful, but I absolutely love the top photo.

julie king said...

oh, cindy, these are just lovely! my faves are the green cups and the compote at the end. you really have a knack for this!!

quaint handmade said...

thanks so much ladies! the yellow-brown shadow from the measuring cups was an interesting "accident".

design for mankind. said...

Ooooooh so so fun! :)

Mrs.French said...

That last photo is perfect! I am heading over there are just plum full of wonderful links.

quaint handmade said...

thanks erin!

thanks mrs. french and have fun with the still project.

Elizabeth said...

You did a great job, I love the first and last one the best!!

quaint handmade said...

thank you elizabeth!