more red

She: [Oh, Scott’s home! I’m so excited to show him my new photos. When I first "read" about I Saw Red week on Sadie Olive ~ Le Journal I didn't think I had much in the red department. Then, I looked around, and I was wrong! I'm seeing it everywhere, which is much better than seeing dead people. I should wait until he gets settled.]

He: “Hi!”

She: “Hi, you made it home fast today [yay!].”

He: “Yeah, it only took me an hour to drive 20 miles [sometimes, it can take 2 hours!].”

She: [Oh, I want to call him over here! These projects are so much fun as I've recently discovered that I really, really love to take pictures. Of all the creative outlets I've explored over the years, photography has become the one that makes me understand how artists get so caught up they don't eat, or do laundry, or much of anything else. I can’t wait any longer.] “Come over here, I want to show you something.”

He: “Ok, I’ll be right there. Did you eat your lunch?”

She: "Yes. [Oh, hurry, hurry. Even though I only use a little point and shoot camera, natural light and no tripod (very bad), I am learning a lot from my own work and by looking at others (see 3191, Alicia and Jen). I want to get an SLR, but think I should improve my photography skills first and not use having a simple camera as an excuse. There's a whole art to what you do after you take the shot - like how you crop it. Here he comes.] Look at the photos I took today!”

He: “Those are so nice, all the red. You’ve never really done anything in red.”

She: “I know, I like the apples and the heart the best.”

He: “I like the apples, too. I was born in NYC so I’m partial to that one.”

She: “Ok, carry on with your bad-self. Thank you. [Yay! After some research, I'm thinking about getting a Nikon D40 with an upgrade to a VR lense. I'm definitely an impatient photographer and would like something light in weight and that can compensate for my lack of patience when it comes to tripods. If you guys have any suggestions, please let me know.]

PS There's still plenty of time to participate in the project as it runs through June 8th. All you have to do is look around for red, click and post it on your blog or in the Flickr group.

Photo Credit : Cindy


Lily Boot said...

We have a Nikon D80 and I highly, highly, highly recommend it! My husband spirited it away for the weekend, leaving me with the old Canon Powershot - and it was depressing! Given you take really lovely photos already, I think a good Nikon would be a worthy asset for you!

quaint handmade said...

thank you so much lily! i have a feeling i am lost and will be found when i finally take the plunge and get a good Nikon.

Krissy said...

Great photos! Photography is so much fun. I have an out-dated point and shoot digital, I think it's time for an upgrade too :)

The apple one is my favorite too!

diana @ please sir said...

I have that layout index book too!

design for mankind. said...

I looooooove the reds! :)

quaint handmade said...

thanks krissy!
diana, the whole series is great.
thanks erin! i think i'm going to go through the color wheel just for fun. then, i'll get a new camera, call "do over" and start again ;).

Rosezilla said...

Hello! This is a fun blog - great idea Sara had for the red game, eh? I like your apple photo, but I think the heart shadow is really cool too.

quaint handmade said...

hi rosezilla - thank you so much for visiting and the kind words. the heart shadow is my favorite and was created with the my heart wanders project in mind -

Mrs.French said...

My D40 is my second child...oh how I love her!

quaint handmade said...

i'm so happy you said that mrs. french!

Elizabeth said...

Photography is my passion!I have an old school Nikon, and everything is manual on it. I use to love using it,but since I have had to wear glasses it has been tougher to use. Now I use a digital canon,nothing special camera,and I really want an SLR too. I love Nikon,so I'll most likely get one of those.
I use to print my own pictures in college, and I would be there all day into the night, so I know what you mean about getting so caught up that you forget to eat!!

quaint handmade said...

elizabeth - your photography experience in college sounds so great! my brother would probably dis-own me if i didn't get a nikon, although i like my canon very much.

the instantaneous quality of digital is wonderful, but film slows down the process. i think it provides a "surprise," which can be good or bad if you didn't get the capture you were looking for - like closed-eye syndrome.

julie king said...

my fave is the heart but they're all great! i'm into tone on tone. and, i am with you on the joy of taking photos. i've been dabbling around a bit (like my blog from this last sunday) and i find it very exhilarating!

quaint handmade said...

thanks so much julie! i like the heart, too. subtle can be bright red!