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It seems like our planet has been enduring some severe weather in recent months. Suffering significant loses of property, and more importantly, lives. First Myanmar. Then China. And, along the way, extreme heat and storms in the Northeast, fires in California and Florida, flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest. It's hard to believe that the changes in weather patterns have nothing to do with the way we abuse the earth's resources.

When we heard about the
Boy Scouts who were caught in a tornado in Omaha, Iowa we felt broken-hearted. The Boy Scouts still conjure up old school innocence. It makes us sad to learn that they were watching lightening storms, something we've done, only to see the tornado on the horizon heading in their direction. After the tornado hit the camp, the stories of the bravery and preparedness you would expect from Scouts were uplifting. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the four Scouts who died and the others who were injured.

Life is unpredictable. Have a safe Father's Day weekend.

xo, Cindy + Scott

Photo Credit :
ABC News + The Boy Scouts


diana @ please sir said...

Lovely words...keep safe this weekend too.

Lobster and swan said...

Yes lovely words, Very moving post. Thanks for stopping bye.

Krissy said...

thanks for posting this! I agree whole-heartedly :)

design for mankind. said...

Great reminder, Cindy--- thank you.

Mrs.French said...

We really need to be kinder to our environment.

The Boy Scout thing leaves me with nothing to say, just a sad heart.

julie king said...

bless you for posting on a worthy issue! i am humbled by all the wonderful people out there enduring hardships and surviving catastrophes. i am so blessed and lucky!

quaint handmade said...

thanks everyone. we've never seen anything like this happen in iowa. they say it happens every 500 years; it's crazy.

we agree julie, we've been very lucky, too.