those sure are pretty!

[English Rose Fairy Dolls]

It all began with wonderful
Pia,who led me to wonderful Jeska,who led me to wonderful Magpie and the Wardrobe. Yes, I'm channeling the song
It's A Wonderful World as sung by Louis Armstrong (wish that would have been our wedding song, but I digress).

Owner, Sam McKechnie's,
English Rose Fairy Dolls are so charming. Each Fairy is hand-painted, dressed in a ball gown made from antique French linen, and adorned with vintage flowers. The fill includes softly scented lavender & rose petals. I love the way the shoes resemble ballerinas en pointe and each one comes with a wand. They're a little pricey, about US$200, but oh my goodness!

[Project #002]

And then, from lovely Lori Marie who led me to Jayme and her lovely shop Roadside. Jayme's wonderful three-dimensional paper art may be small in scale (my preference), but big in creativity. Currently, she is working on Project #002, which is a series of three-dimensional
cut paper portraits housed in handmade oval frames. I think they're really interesting and very reasonably priced at US$35-55.

xo, Cindy
Photo Credits : Each artist


Krissy said...

LOVE it!!!!! Seriously. So awesome.

PS- your new header is fantastic :)

Mrs.French said...

Oh wow! I have to say that as a thirty-something woman I am not too old for fairies! Especially these! I believe they are worth the hefty price tag. Lavender! come on! Perfection!

quaint handmade said...

fairies are ageless! and yes, the lavender is so special. isn't it supposed to be good for insomnia? i think i should get one to help me sleep ;)!

thanks krissy, i've been tinkering with that header to find something just right.

Ravenhill said...

I adore these ball gown donned dolls!