sun dry it redux!

[Water Balloons]

Target almost eluded attack by refraining from his usual whistling.
Hmmm - what's up with that?

Regardless, attack was initiated because I saw the car go past-yay!

Target was not hit, but was startled, and so was a cat.
Sorry about the cat.

Now, I gotta' go clean-up the mess and do something productive.
Target suggested something about getting one's head examined ;).
Maybe that wasn't such a good idea as I have ammunition to spare?!
Target will be back later. Use it or lose it.

xo, Cindy

Photo Credit : Cindy


Anonymous said...

Adorable!! This gives me ideas for attck my husband with these when he gets home on a particularly hot afternoon. Great idea!!!

quaint handmade said...

ok, but don't blame me ;)!

Krissy said...

hahaha!! That's great.

julie king said...

ready, aim, fire!!!!

Mrs.French said...

Use it..definitely use it!

quaint handmade said...

all gone!

Liz said...

I just found your blog this morning... this is hilarious.

quaint handmade said...

hi liz - i'm off to visit your neck of the woods, now!