pics | restraint of view, deux

Kinfolk Magazine

my nikon d60 broke yesterday - something with the shutter. it's a few years old and i use it almost all of the time. it's not fancy as far as dslrs go, but i love that camera. it feels so comfortable. i knew this could (would) happen and i really need it now for our shop. fortunately, i have the extended service warranty and registered it, so it shouldn't really cost us anything other than postage to repair, but it will probably take a month by the time they get it in the mail, fix it and send it back.

now, i just have a canon powershot s90, which is a kind of fancy point & shoot camera. you can put it on manual and adjust all of the settings, which sounds great but i never seem to get a nice depth of field out of it and there is no viewfinder. it does have image stabilization plus it's really small, so that should be nice. we'll see. i'm not complaining, i'm just saying. change can be a bummer, especially when you don't initiate it.

xo, cindy

ps i did receive kinfolk magazine yesterday and it was most welcome. it makes me want to cook something, invite some friends over and take photos of it all. perfect :).

pics | restraint of view

Translucent Sculptures

i've been spoiled by our fuji instax camera lately because using film encourages restraint. since i don't keep that much film on hand, i don't want to 'waste' it and love having just a few photos to process each day for better or worse.

i'm happy with the last photo because i actually spoke to the person and got the ok before taking his photo, which seemed like a good idea for fear of startling him and ruining the mural he was painting.

xo, cindy

ps i love the song summer holiday by wild nothing. it makes me want to jump in the convertible we don't own an drive up the coast.

pps the translucent sculptures are from the fashion district pilings project by brooklyn artist joan benefiel and will likely be meeting my digital camera very soon because they are so interesting.

life | too darn hot

Heavy Headed
Gone Fishin'

it's no news flash, but it is too darn hot, y'all. the other day we received a lovely email from sheri miller regarding her new album, winning hand, and listening to music is about all we can do. she has a beautiful sound and i think you will really like her - listen here.

xo, cindy

collect | (over)abundance

Cobalt Blue Glasses
Dutch Reamer

the cobalt blue glasses were collected by scott's mom, helen. isn't that color just wow? after a lifetime of collecting (there must be over 200 pieces!), we're helping charlie down-size it as things have become a burden for him. all day sunday he told us what we should say when we bring some of these pieces to the consignment shop - tell them someone else just offered you $5 more each or, you need more space in your storage locker or, you'll think about their offer. and, don't look desperate. oh brother. i just said ok to everything - it's easier that way.

i did find the wonderful reamer & pitcher while i was there and he said i could have it. but, i try not to take many things, just a few special pieces as we'd like to down-size a bit, too. collecting is a great past time as you learn about the history of pieces and the time period, but make your choices carefully because it's a lot easier to quickly buy than it is to quickly sell.

xo, cindy

ps thanks to jen for the lovely post today about our shop. it must be good karma because i had two orders this afternoon representing four items!

pics | 'roid week 2011

Pink Geranium
Vera Wang
Transportation Hub
Blue Hydrangeas

'roid week 2011 is wrapping up today and was open to all instant film formats. i jumped on board with my fuji instax and had a lot of fun. it seems to have injected a new life into my 365-project and i hope it continues. enjoy your weekend. ice cream from jen for everyone!

xo, cindy

ps have you heard about kinfolk magazine? it's lovely, especially the photos & films from carissa & andrew gallo at page 64, film from tiger in a jar at page 96 and chelsea's article about table settings at page 131.

garden | hydrangeas


i love hydrangeas. they are old-fashioned, showy and come in the most beautiful colors. these are all on one block in our neighborhood and i'm glad (amazed) people don't snip, snip, snip them at night.

xo, cindy

ps have you seen minato's photographs? she lives in japan and her photos are wonderful. she always captures a really nice balance of saturated color and softness. this one is wow!

life | summertime

Petite White Blooms

i notice many of the best photos are in portrait and it's just not natural for me to hold the camera that way, so i'm trying to get there through square. the white flowers are called speedwell. aren't the pretty? all those tiny blooms? the cherries are from a product shot for our shop that didn't make the cut. i went with crayons, instead. enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps a couple of weeks ago i mentioned some of my photos for the chance store were used on a blog without credit. well, jen left a nice comment on the post and they changed it. so, a big, big thanks to her for doing what i should have done, myself. in fact, they've included the names of all of the photographers!

pps a nice band for the weekend from good ol' new jersey - the feelies. i love let's go, which i read about on chance.

nyc | quaint in the city

God Bless America
Garden Iron
Flag & Roses
Garden Chair

a little bit of quaint in the city from the fourth of july. it's not all high rises, steel and concrete around these parts and i'd love to see that porch at night. cosy.

xo, cindy

ps blog-friend tamara is a wife, mom, blogger, artist, photographer and a musician. listen to her wonderful band handwritten letters here - i love the song the garden (surprise, surprise). they also contributed a track to a compilation cd benefitting the victims of the alabama tornadoes - have a listen here.

nyc | high line

High Line
High Line
High Line
High Line
High Line
High Line
High Line
High Line
High Line

last weekend we visited the newly-opened section to the high line, which extends it ten blocks north up to 30th street. we love this beautifully-designed elevated park and this new section is great because you really feel tucked in between the buildings on either side. along with wild flowers, there's also a section with grass and a sense that you're above the trees.

the rainbow city installation for kids was cute and it seems there was a marriage proposal. on our way south we saw a banner on a building asking sabrina for her hand in marriage followed by the case with champagne, roses and the engagement ring. i wonder what happened?

enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps have you heard of brooke waggoner? her music is terrific and you can download her new album, heal for the honey, for free. i love the song young friend.