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how many times have you read this lately, or maybe even written it?

wow, i didn't intend to take such a long blog break. i've been [fill in the blank], but hope to get back to regularly posting from now on.

me, too. i'm not sure what has happened to blogging in general (could it really be twitter & instagram?), but for me after charlie passed away almost a year ago my heart just wasn't in 'quaint handmade' anymore. it felt like this chapter had come to a close, but i really enjoy making friends through our blog and the thought of ending it made me very sad. we've been through a lot together over the years and this space has always been important to us.

so, i was thinking maybe we can just move our bloghouse to another location to see what it's like? i've recently set-up a new blog on tumblr that will pretty much contain the same content just in a new setting. and, although i love my iphone, it's mostly going to be photos using my regular camera because i saw a big difference in quality when putting together our 2012 blurb book. i really hope you will visit us there for our next chapter, which i hope will involve actually traveling someplace on a plane for the first time in many years :).

xo, cindy

ps the photos were taken at the park avenue armory earlier this month when we visited
ann hamilton's event of a thread, which was very cool.