s.hoptalk-style flowers

The wonderful Suzanne from S.HOPTalk threw down the gauntlet last week and issued a challenge to come up with inspired floral arrangements using unusual containers. Well, actually, that's kind of an exaggeration, but doesn't it sound so dramatic and go with the photo?

After scouring her Father-In-Law's various collections, Cindy gave it a go and some of her photos are included in the feature posted today. Do take a look at everyone's very creative interpretations of the "homework" assignment. Thanks Suzanne!

Photo Credit : Cindy, using containers on loan from Charlie

best for last

He: "Well, this is the last one for the Post A Day In May and we saved the best for last."
She: "Of course, we love each other." [Awww]
He: "Best friends." [Double Awww]
She: "We didn't actually finish our Things We Love list, so we'll keep it going in June."
He: "
But, not every day. I don't know who's happier about that - us or them?
She: "I don't know, I'm pretty happy! Although we missed some of the weekends and didn't stick with the format, it was a heck of a way to start a blog. Plus, I was almost denied computer privileges because I was online too much."
He: "You're still on thin ice and it's not because of this blog, but the other "surfing" you've been doing. [gives stink eye] We also want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who has left a comment, or
just stopped by our neck of the woods."
She: "Really. It means so much to us to have some visitors. When we started this adventure we said we were doing it just for us as an online journal, but that didn't last too long. Thank you very much Google Analytics
[gives stink eye]!"
He: "We better go out and do something so you can have more material - hahaha."
She: "Word! Have a great weekend!"

Photo Credit : Gadgetshop

darwin's in the garden

He: "We hit the jackpot when we visited the New York Botanical Garden on Monday!"
She: "We always do when we go there. Membership was the best present you ever gave to me."
He: "They also had an exhibit in the Conservatory inspired by Charles Darwin."
She: "Yes, it is wonderful. In fact, the entire garden seems to be inspired by men - Charles and Henry."
He: "That's right, guys rule!"
She: "Good grief - here are the photos that Cindy took. Enjoy!"
He: "Sure, always stealing my thunder!"
She: "Oh hush ;)."


Darwin's Home




Alliums in the Garden

Vegetable Garden


Photo Credit : Cindy

heart hearts

The lovely Pia Jane Bijkerk has a wonderful project in progress called my heart wanders: a collection of subtle hearts in special spaces, which is a "collective book project where ANYONE can create and submit a photograph". The idea is to photograph a made or found heart in an interior setting and subtlety is key (and really hard to pull off). Cindy has given it a try and here are some of her submissions.

Dust Off Your Heart
I used a dusting of baby powder and a heart template cut out of paper.
The title is kind of like an "Ode to the Lonely Heart".

China Heart
I have a collection of this china. I liked the shadow of the heart from
the handle. The black background in the china is picked up in the shadow.

Love Tokens
I collect enamel jewelry. Scott is always looking for quarters for laundry.
I think of this as "Home Is Where the Heart Is" or "Love Tokens".

Photo Credit : Cindy, I used the images in a larger format this time

erin rules!

Erin of Design for Mankind has been so nice to us (she was the tipping point for starting this blog, so she gets the credit or the blame, you decide ;)), it's only fitting to mention the newest and fifth edition of her fantastic, free e-zine. This issue is all about the inspiration that comes from nature, and as usual, is really wonderful!

Included is the work of Elsita Mora who makes the most amazing creations from petals and leaves during restive-creative time, which I don't think I've ever experienced.


xo, Cindy (+ Scott)

Photo Credit : Design for Mankind

henry's in the garden

Oval With Points 1968-70

He: "Ok, it's only 9:30 am on Memorial Day and we're in Brooklyn. Do you want to go to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx?"
She: [YAY!] "Sure, it's up to you as you've been driving all weekend."
He: "Might as well, it's a beautiful day and so early. Nothing is open, yet."
She: "Do you know how to get there from here?"
He: "Duh - of course I do!"
She: [Gets him every time - hehehe] "Ok, lets book. We'll take some photos of the Henry Moore exhibit, plus some spring flowers."

Goslar Warrior 1973-4

Pink Peonies

Hill Arches 1973

Two Piece Reclining Figure: Points 1969

Poppy - awesome color

Large Reclining Figure 1984

Upright Motives 1955-56

Note: At this point it seemed as though we had been walking for days and Cindy "lost" her jacket. So, we continued to walk for days, but luckily found it thanks to a very nice lady.

More Pink Peonies

Reclining Mother and Child 1975-76

Reclining Figure : Arch Leg 1969-70

Shrub rose - so fragrant

Me and My Shadow

Photo Credit : Cindy, hope I labeled everything correctly

london calling!

He: "Time to get up - it's 6:45 am."
She: "What?"
He: "Don't you want to go to that
Telectroscope in Brooklyn today?"
She: "I did yesterday. Give me a few minutes."
[Get ready and arrive there by 9:00 am in order to beat the crowds.]
He: "That was very cool - they liked your "Heart UK" sign."
She: "I loved it - everyone was so excited, especially the kids. It was a beautiful spring day in NYC, but raining in London - no surprise there."
He: "I even took a picture of you for a change."
She: "Well done. Let's show the photos we have so folks can get a view."

Telectroscope from the back

Sideways + Brooklyn Bridge

Scaffolding in the background for the w
aterfall to come this summer

Looking In

See them in the circle that looks like the Moon?

She: "Tomorrow Henry Moore at the New York Botanical Garden followed by Darwin's Garden. Yep, we did it all in the same day - Brooklyn > Bronx . Plus, Sunday > Manhattan and Saturday > New Jersey."
He: "Nap time!"
She: "Happy Memorial Day!"

Note: For really gorgeous photos from the other side of the pond, check out PGWSmith's photostream.

Photo Credits : Cindy + Scott

holiday weekend!

[Jen Tauritz Gotch]
It's the Memorial Day weekend and this photo from Jen of My Polaroid Blog is very apropos! Jen has the most wonderful photos and her work from a recent trip to Paris is transporting.

In addition to family stuff, we hope to either check out the Henry Moore sculptures at the
New York Botanical Garden. We had a sneak peek last weekend, but Cindy's camera decided not to cooperate - ugh!

Or, the ultra-cool
Telectroscope in Brooklyn, which allows visitors in NY to see Londoners in real time.

Have a safe + happy weekend!

xo, Cindy + Scott

dance, dance, DANCE!

She: "Oh, I LOVE the show So You Think You Can Dance! It's my favorite."
He: "I know you do - it starts tonight on Fox."

She: "I think the kids on the show are SO fantastic and they REALLY bust it, if you know what I mean?"

He: "I think I know
" [feel that way myself around here sometimes ;)].
She: "You know that I took dance classes three times a week when I was in college?"
He: "Yes, I think you mentioned that before
" [many times].
She: "I tried karate, but it wasn't for me."
He: "That's probably good for me - hahaha."
She: "Don't be so sure - dancers are very strong and limber. Watch me." [CRASH] "
He: "CUTIE - are you ok?" [saved by a hair - she almost took me out with that flying leap - phew!]
She: "I think so."
He: "Wow, you got some serious air with that, that - move. What is the word you're always using - fierce?

She: "Very funny. I'm a little out of practice. Please help me up."
He: "Sure."
She: "I'll just watch the show and imagine myself as a break dancer. Hey homey, got any Motrin?"

Photo Credit : Fox

busted - the back story

Last weekend we purchased this cabinet at Sage Street Antiques, which is owned by the very sweet Eliza Werner. This shop is located in
Sag Harbor and was made famous by a segment on Martha Stewart's original show. The selection and prices are very good and there is always a line to get in. Rain or shine, you will see the same people every weekend.

We're pretty much at the end of the line when it comes to collecting as space has become an issue in our current place. We don't want to end up on Clean House, but we still always find something in this shop (the vase and owl night light on top of the cabinet are from there, too). Collectors usually guard their sources like gold, but I encourage everyone to go there and buy everything you can! Save us from ourselves as we can't resist! Hence, this post.

Now, we need this cabinet like a hole in the head, but when I walked into the store and saw it, I knew it was going to be mine (assuming it could fit in the back seat of our car). It was love at first sight and the only reason I'm even writing about it is because I've never seen anything like it. I wasn't sure about the pink, but it has the coolest gold pin striping, so pink it will stay.

Those of you who read our blog might remember that a couple of days ago I was re-organizing my fabric stash and spread it all out. Scott was surprised by how much I had and was already referred to me as "Purl Patchwork II". I was surprised, too. But, I almost always purchase only a 1/4 yard of fabrics, so it's kind of just a lot of choices rather than quantity. At least that's what I tell myself ;).

So, this is how my organizational capabilities have evolved -

I used this beautiful Purlbee color wheel as a guide and must admit that I really like to arrange the fabrics and fuss with them endlessly. It's neat to get a sneak peak through the drawer fronts, too. And, I'm happy to see that my photo quality improves from the beginning to the end, but it still has a long way to go.

We don't know what this cabinet was originally used for, so if anyone has any idea, please let us know. Now, time to get crafty.

Photo Credit : Cindy from beginning to end

she's been tagged!

Cindy has been tagged by the wonderful Krissy from Paper Schmaper, so technically she’s it. Thanks Krissy, I’ve always wanted to be an “It Girl", now my dream has finally come true! The game of tag going around blogland involves answering 5 questions. And away we go...

What was I doing 10 years ago

  • I was married to Scott.
  • Living in the same place I do now.
  • Working as the Marketing/Web Manager for a Management Consulting firm.
  • Studying graphic/web design at Parsons.

What are 5 things on my to-do list for today

  • Register the trees we adopted this weekend as part of the Million Trees NYC program. We have a small garden in the Sunnyside Gardens Park, which is one of only two private parks in NYC, the other being Grammercy Park.
  • Work on setting up an Etsy shop - I’m struggling to get this done as there is so much to do.
  • Do some laundry, which usually involves some ironing, too.
  • Get out and take a good walk – I tend to be a homebody.
  • Watch American Idol – I’m channeling the gods and predict David will win :).
Snacks I enjoy
  • Anything from Cheeks Bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Popcorn + M&Ms/Skittles – love the kids pack at the movies
  • Ice Cream
  • Pokey biscuits from Japan
  • Green Tea Lattes

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

  • Move to Grammercy Park and have a summerhouse in the Hamptons
  • Give $$ to our family
  • Travel – we’re terrible about doing this and use living in NYC as our excuse
  • Set-up a charitable foundation for kids

Places I have lived before

Only two places

  • Northern NJ - snore.
  • New York City - yay!

6 people I want to know more about

Most of these ladies are new to me -

Thanks Krissy - that was fun!

Photo Credit : 7.23.08 changed to Pia's 'cause it's perfect

creature comforts & us

We are thrilled to tell you that our studio/guest room and some of Cindy's work are featured on the wonderful Creature Comforts blog today. Very exciting. Thank you so much Ez!

springtime in the hamptons

We love to go to the Hamptons a few times a year and went there this weekend to celebrate Scott's birthday. Here are some of our favorite sites -

East Hampton House Hotel
(they have a nice pool, but it was chilly)

Bench at Main Beach, East Hampton
(joe has it right)

Beach Houses, East Hampton
(ina garten often films segments for her cooking show
on this beach)

Beautifully manicured hedges abound
(sometimes they're so tall they seem like giants)

Home Sweet Home Museum, East Hampton
(believed to have been built in the 1720s)

Cherry Blossom Snowflakes
(not really conducive to snow angels)

Summer House
(just not large enough ;))

(the blue house was so pretty)

Museum, Sag Harbor
(love the red door, but wouldn't want to paint that fence)

Martha's House
(this kind of thing is probably why they have tall hedges + gates)

Windmill, East Hampton
(love these)

Antique Car
(awesome vintage cars)

James Perse Store, East Hampton

(we had to run reconnaissance to get this photo from the outside at night)

Sag Harbor
(our favorite town as it remains quaint)

Sage Street Antiques, Sag Harbor

(our favorite shop in the world - lots of trouble here)

This time, an amazing pink cabinet
(the catalyst for the trouble yesterday, more on that later)

Time to get steppin'
(oh no, the clothes look a like again)

Wish you were here!

Photo Credit : Scott was the scout and Cindy was the photographer