fun | pumpkins

PumpkinsOur Tiny Pumpkin

i really don't like looking at those monsters too much, pumpkins are much nicer. have a happy halloween & weekend. next week we'll have some snaps from the beach!

xo, cindy

ps surfer blood has a new album out and it is really good. we're expecting some snow this weekend (ugh!) and plan to ignore it by listening to their beachy-sound.

life | oh rats, dentist!

i had to go to the dentist, today. i felt a tooth ache might be coming on. i kind of felt like this. no, i felt like this!

Trapped Rat
on the way i passed this trapped rat, which scared me to death when it started to move. nice. good morning to you, too!

my dentist is really nice and it wasn't as bad as i expected, so how about a hug? i kid. maybe it's me, but halloween decorations are sure getting scary these days. what happened to the cute pumpkin people? zombies!

xo, cindy

town | shadows

Long Bench

the weather has been so beautiful, lately. really bright making for strong shadows. the shorter days are noticeable though as scott now goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark. at least daylight savings (november 6th) will help on the front end.

xo, cindy

collect | something old

Wedding Shoes

line always has the cutest photos of shoes and today while going through our closet i found two pairs i haven't seen in a while. the first are my joan & david wedding shoes and the receipt for $90 (a lot of money back then) from more than 20 years ago (so old) and look cute, but hurt like hell. the second are keds by kate spade, which i've never worn (saving them?). i prefer the sneakers on my feet and the wedding shoes in a box safely stored in the closet for the next 20+.

xo, cindy

garden | solitary


this anemone seems to prefer solitude, which is fine every now and then.

xo, cindy

ps have you heard nick lowe's new song house for sale? bittersweet and timely when taken literally.

town | signage

Storage Containers
the storage containers painted by charles mary kubricht currently on view at the high line incorporate a method of military camouflage used in WWI known as dazzle. i see zebra.

High Line
looking down from the high line i see an ad for the play sister act, which makes me look up.

Vintage Car
cool car for bond no. 9 in the meatpacking district with a sentiment we share.

Butcher Shop
marlow & daughters is a traditional butcher shop in williamsburg, brooklyn. it's very charming inside, but don't look straight back unless you want to see them practicing their craft.

Cellar Door
stanley & sons makes traditional aprons and bags in williamsburg, brooklyn. wonder if they work with marlows?

For Rent Sign
this sign in long island city gets my goat. all it's missing is 'byot' - bring your own tent.

xo, cindy

pics | 365 at home

Art Door

breakfast of champions in our place.

Pink Flower
a freebie flower from kate spade.

scott's new (fancy) slippers from ll bean. charlie got a pair, too.

Green Tea
green tea ice cream with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and a cherry - ok.

today is the 277th day of the year, leaving just 88 days remaining and in my 365-project. hur-ray! if anyone would like to try this kind of project, my advice would address the most challenging part of it for me - numbering. i number the photos sequentially and somehow have missed count on two occasions, which is not a walk in the park to correct. so, i would suggest using the date, instead. today is 10-4, ok.

xo, cindy