fun | halloween

October Angel
Halloween Ghosts
Halloween Scarecrow
Halloween Spider Web
Halloween Cupcake
happy halloween! people really do up halloween more and more these days. sounds good to me because it's such a photogenic holiday. i've had the angel since i was little and her wings have been glued several times. hmm ... seems like a trend here when you consider poor raggedy ann's hair. actually, i was really careful with my stuff as a kid. really. ocd started very early ;). happy sunday!

xo, cindy

fun | orange you glad ...

Staten Island Ferry
Orange Flowers
it's friday? i am and happy to tell you about the paper crane project. sandy emailed us about her goal to make 1,000 paper cranes in all different types of paper, each with a different positive word, and placed in different locations for people to find. i know making the paper cranes is a huge undertaking, but 1,000 positive words - awesome! i love these kinds of projects and really hope we find one. but, this sunday is halloween, so we're more likely to find lots of pumpkins, candy and ghosts. have a boo-ti-ful weekend ;)!

xo, cindy

life | falling leaves

Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves
Fall Leaves
hello, hello! feeling a bit like a falling leaf floating here and there, lately. trying to remember to keep looking up to see the golden sun because it always comes out. nothing horrible going on. suppose it's just the change of seasons and the shorter days, which take some getting used to. hope you're having a good one.

xo, cindy

nyc | inspiration

hello, hello! thanks for the nice anniversary wishes - we actually went out to dinner and during the middle of the week no less. one thing that is great about nyc is the constant inspiration. i never knew about the all saints store in soho, but when i walked past i saw the walls were almost wallpapered with vintage sewing machines. it's quite wonderful as there are hundreds - wow. enjoy your weekend, hope you uncover something wonderful!

xo, cindy

ps i love the new song light you up by shawn mullins. very sexy. remember lullaby?

life | anniversary

hello, hello! it's our anniversary and i'm so glad we moved to nyc after getting married. well, i moved to nyc from nj. i still love the view, but only with my dear scott aka cutie who is the most patient person you could ever meet. and, trust me, his patience has been tested with all of my antics over the years ;).

although not a traditional love song, older by band of horses is speaking to me today - you will be there on my mind through all ... you never get older. happy wednesday!

xo, cindy

pics | b&w

hello, hello! thank you for sharing some of the things you're enjoying these days. they were great and other than photography many involved food, which is probably to be expected as the temperatures get cooler and we head indoors. i also loved the stories of your childhood haircuts - my mom liked baby bangs - yikes!

something new i've been enjoying is fiddling around with using black & white in my photos. i like how it seems to give an image a more vintage feel, but i do like my colors. well, the winner of the expressive photography book is line who is quite the shutter bug herself. congratulations and please send me your address!

xo, cindy

ps the bottles are from charlie's collection. he sold most of it before i got into photography, but there are still some cool bottles. clearly marked poison, one contains coffin-shaped tablets to be mixed with water for use as an antiseptic. more b&w here.

pics | home & giveaway

Raggedy Ann
Fabric & Notions
hello, hello! i never cut my hair as a kid, but did so on my mom's raggedy ann doll. neither was happy even though my mom loved the asymmetrical look in design. these photos were taken for the picture fall class i'm taking after winning a spot on shutter sisters. i'm enjoying the indoor assignments as i've realized styled shots have been lacking around here.

i also won a copy of expressive photography and now have two, so i'm going to give one away. just leave a comment before october 18th telling me something you're enjoying these days and be sure to include an email address so i can contact you. i'll choose one winner using and announce it next week. good luck!

xo, cindy

ps i forgot to say that i prefer symmetry and find myself giving that doll the eye with scissors in hand from time to time ;)!

garden | indian summer

hello, hello! thanks for the birthday wishes and sharing your flower selections in our last post. i've made a note of them and will be posting something in the near future. we had beautiful weather this weekend and spent an afternoon in wave hill on saturday. although a smallish public garden, it always has so many wonderful plants regardless of the season. we also saw the movie tamara drewe and loved it. the english countryside looks absolutely gorgeous and the story is really good, too. happy tuesday!

xo, cindy

these cuties were looking for fish and the resident frog.

pretty colored hedges seems to be on fire.

bright yellow chrysanthemums!

this is called pumpkin-on-a-stick and a native plant of africa.

hanging onto the wall garden.

pretty bonsai.

the shadow on these papayas reminds me of a shadow puppet of a rooster. see it?

pics | hydrangeas

Fall Pink HydrangeaFall Green Hydrangea
hello, hello! hydrangeas age really well. they might even look better as they get older. my birthday is next week and you know what i have scheduled on that very day at 8:45 am? a bone density test because osteoporosis runs in our family! it doesn't hurt, but i must have the worst timing, ever. scott will be home to take me so i had little choice and just hope he takes me to a flower shop afterwards :).

for some reason these hydrangeas got me thinking about what kind of flower i would be if i were a flower. it would have to be small, fragrant and not too showy. a little bit delicate and curious. i love sweet peas. they are quaint, bloom in the spring and remind me england, which i love. yes, i would be a pink sweet pea because pink is not as pale as white or as bold as red. how about you? rose, tulip, zinnia? enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps scott reminded me we were here this time last year. yeah, what's your point ;)?

pics | seeds of change

Coneflower Seed Pod
hello, hello! fall is upon us and i love the combination of brown & green. the acorns are so tiny - smaller than a dime, while the coneflower seed pod reminds me of a sea urchin. would you believe by the mavericks just played on the radio and it's such a great song.

xo, cindy

life | a melange

Rose Reading Room
hello, hello! my weekend started on thursday by spending a wonderful afternoon exploring town with fabulous jen of painted fish studio. a trip to the new york public library was symbolic since her first book of polaroid beauty, word, is due to be released very soon. hoo-yah!

to be filed under the 'it's the thought that counts' category. when we left charlie's on saturday we found a broken side view mirror and an envelope with $50 by our car. it's a nice gesture, but the repair is going to cost close to $400! on the charlie front, he was more obsessed with his sinus congestion than his early stage lung cancer. by now, he should be much better as we gave him some decongestant and are considered miracle workers. hoo-yah, again :)!

i won a copy of expressive photography over on shutter sisters, but since i already had a copy tracey gave me a complimentary enrollment in her picture fall workshop. there's still time to sign up and don't worry about being behind on the assignments. i am. this one is from the 'get comfy' prompt and i'm determined to push myself to photograph new things, including artificial light - eek! hope you had a nice weekend! do anything special?

xo, cindy

flowers | pink power

hello, hello! these carnations are two weeks old, so that means two weeks of a little bit of happiness. things are getting more manageable around these parts, finally. enjoy your weekend. one thing i'll be doing is catching up with y'all!

xo, cindy