Two Shoes
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i have to admit i'm kind of bored with the places we go and the things we do. even in nyc you can find yourself in a rut, so this weekend we're planning on taking the east river ferry to brooklyn bridge park to see photoville and tom fruin's super-cool water tower. i hope to take some photos with my real camera for a change and hope i still know how to use it. enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy


Summer in the City
Elevated Subway

in the city, summer may mean running through a sprinkler on a hot day to cool off, or a ride on an elevated subway similar to a roller coaster, although raising your arms up might have a different connotation. holding on, of course :).

xo, cindy

ps i really like keane's new album strangeland. tom chaplain's voice is so beautiful to me. i love the song day will come -

some days set your world on fire,
and some days they sink like stones,
that’s when your heart will cry out,
until your body is numb,
and the night will try to tempt you,
but the day will come.

brother don’t hang your head,
until your distance is run,
‘cause though it seems so far away,
you know the day will come. 


Busy Bee
Water Lily

think it's time to jump back into the blogging water on this first day of summer, but slowly, slowly as it's been a while and the cool water takes some getting used to.

these pics were taken with my iphone and i like to process them with vsco cam. although much better, i'm still having some eye problems and looking at a large computer screen with a blurry floater in my eye is a challenge. a tiny phone is much better and why i've been hanging out over on instagram a lot, lately.

happy longest day of the year!

xo, cindy


Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden
Monet's Garden

the new york botanical garden has a lovely monet-inspired garden on display and the vibrant colors are wonderful. love that green, too. enjoy your weekend!

xo, cindy

ps looking forward to listening to the new album from missy higgins and the new band to me called nada surf. love the video for when i was young.