Volumes 2 & 3

ever since getting a dslr in 2008, i've created a blurb book each year with some of our favorite photos. our blog is a handy resource for reminiscing, but a book is much nicer to flip through. i like digital magazines, but print is still my preference.

going through a year's worth of photos is onerous, so one of the benefits of doing a 365-project is having a partially edited set of favorite images. this year i'm doing a weekly 365-project and hope to build the book as the year goes by with an emphasis on the hope part.

xo, cindy

ps i saw this video by walk off the earth on jane's blog and love it. now that's teamwork and the girl's voice is so good.


Valentine Bouquet
Valentine Bouquet

sometimes, i am really a pain in the tookus (butt). there, i've said it and on valentine's day no less (keeping it real). i try not to want flowers around this 'holiday' (expensive), but as the day gets closer it's useless (weak). i love flowers (dna).

when i heard about the nicolette camille & saipua pop-up shop i made my case (sad face) even though scott had different ideas (spoiler). getting this bouquet home on the subway was quite interesting (excuse me, pardon me), but somehow we managed doing so without having it torn to bits (barely). i was a little worried it wouldn't last as the flowers are kind of fancy (delicate), but with a little rearranging they still look beautiful (phew).

i'm just lucky scott puts up with me after all these years (patience of a saint). hope you have a lovely day (enjoy it)!

xo, cindy

ps the storycorps animated shorts are adorable and this love story from danny & annie will touch your heart (get your tissues).


Power Lines

in the winter, scott leaves for work in the dark and comes home in the dark, but each day has been getting a few minutes longer as we get closer to spring. so, in the meantime, one good thing about the shorter days is finding a pretty sunset at around 5 pm (happy hour) vs. waiting until 8 pm (bedtime, almost).

xo, cindy


Marching Band
Traditional Dress

this weekend we went to the chinese new year parade in flushing, queens, which is home to one of the largest chinese and east asian populations in nyc. just a short subway ride away, 2012 is the year of the dragon and the parade was great with lots of color, traditional costume, marching bands and fireworks.

but, the parade was not the best part of the visit. the seafood markets & ethnic food there are incredible! it's like going to a different world as most things are not in english and we found an enormous supermarket with all kinds of asian food products like pocky. we will definitely be going back to try and figure out what's what very soon.

the steamed pork dumplings in the new world mall food court were delicious and we brought home a dozen crabs to cook for charlie for his superbowl celebration and a celebration it was, indeed. thank you new york giants for winning the big one. make 2012 the year of the giant dragon :).

xo, cindy

ps love this new song from kathleen edwards and her sweet, sweet voice.


Store Window
Store Window
Store Window
Store Window
Store Window
Store Window
bergdorf goodman windows, nyc.

a few weeks ago charlie decided he wanted to treat himself to new shoes. great! being a new yorker they are all black and include: slippers, sneakers and dress shoes. i'm not sure why he needed the dress shoes, but he insisted.

last weekend, we took him out to lunch and he was wearing the dress shoes, which kind of remind me of herman munster. we head out to the restaurant about 250' door to door and charlie's moving pretty fast. it's all good. then, just as we turn the corner he stops and says "oh no, why did i wear these shoes? it's the first time i took them out of the box and they don't bend. i should have worn my sneakers!" and from that point on he stops every 10' to say the same thing. oy!

fortunately, we made it back, but i don't think we're ever going to see those shoes again and that's fine with us. this weekend we hope to go to the chinese new year parade in flushing, queens and will not be wearing dress shoes :). have a great weekend & don't forget to break in those shoes!

xo, cindy