free coldplay!

She: "Hey, Coldplay is giving away Violet Hill, the first single from their upcoming album Viva la Vida!"
He: "Who's Coldplay?"
She: "Excuse me?"
He: "Just kidding. Legal, free music is a good thing."
She: "There's also going to be a free concert in Madison Square Garden in June. The name of the album was inspired by the artist Frida Kahlo and means "Long Live Life" in English."
He: "Interesting, she definitely had a hard time, but never quit."
She: "Just like you with that shower head! Sorry, I couldn't resist."
He: "Try harder next time."
Photo Credit : Coldplay, of course

life in the navy

He: "I couldn't fall a sleep last night."

She: "I've been there. How come?"

He: "After watching that documentary
Carrier, I couldn't stop thinking about it."
She: "It looks really hard to be deployed on an aircraft carrier to who knows where for six months."

"Out of context, the ship and jets are really cool. But, when you put them into context, it's not a good situation. We forget how hard it is to be in the military, especially now. Most of the guys/girls enlisted are so young."
She: "Many signed-up to get out of bad home environments. Something clicked in them to try to make a change. They are inspiring."
He: "Yeah. I
t's a long series, but if people watched just one episode it would be an eye-opener."
She: "On a lighter note, the Soundtrack is really great. The song by The Killers, "All These Things That I've Done," is right on the money."
Photo Credit : PBS

no, that's mine?

She: "You know they say that the longer a couple stays together the more they dress a like?"
He: "I don't know who they are, but there might be something to that statement based on some of the things in our closet."
She: "I'm concerned."
He: "Well, that's my favorite shirt and color, so ..."
She: "Ok, I'll make the sacrifice and go shopping."
He: "You just bought that dress in Target on Sunday!"
She: "I know, but it's so soft and reminds me of you."
He: We'll just have to make sure we don't wear them together."
She: "I better get a back-up."
He: "Good grief."
Photo Credit : Cindy, on a cloudy day

olive's in the shower?

She: "Dude, what happened to the shower head?"
He: "Well, you asked me to clean it."
She: "Yeah."
He: "I took it a part because I didn't see a filter."
She: "Uh huh."
He: "And, I couldn't put it back together. It wasn't cheap, but it was cheaply made."
She: "But you're a member of the Handyman Club of America."
He: "Very funny. For your information, that was unsolicited."
She: Like the AARP card? Well, thanks for cleaning it, but the new one is so small Olive Oyl wouldn't even fit under it."
He: "Hahaha. You're so funny."
She: "Actually, I like this one better. Good job."
Photo Credit : Max Fleischer

who defines exercise?

She: (Groans)

He: "What's the matter?"

She: "I'm sure there are centenarians who wake up each day feeling better than I do right now. How did you let me get so old?"

He: "You're 3 years younger than me and I'm not old. You don't exercise, or eat fruits and vegetables."

She: "Do too."

He: "Playing the air guitar is not exactly exercise."
She: "Is too! I saw a
documentary all about the World Championships, so it is serious business."
He: "I think it's crazy business. What about the fruits and vegetables?"
She: "I've got those covered: Raisinets and Pizza!"
He: "Oh brother. (I'll fix this.) Do you want to go to Target?"

She: (Jumps out of bed). "Ok. I'll be ready in half an hour!"
Photo Credit : US Air Guitar

lotta love

She: "Remember when went to the new Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago and I signed up for the Lotta Jansdotter mailing list?"

He: "Yeah, that was fun even though it was freezing."
She: "Well, I won her new book, Lotta Prints. I received it in the mail yesterday."
He: Great! We never win anything."
She: "I'd like to thank Lotta, Brooklyn Flea, and the support of my wonderful Husband for giving me a ride there :)."
He: "Oh brother, I can only imagine what you would do if you ever won a real award."
She: "You can imagine this now, please take me to the craft store for some new supplies."
He: "I knew that was coming. Thanks Lotta!"
Photo Credit : Jansdotter

freeze-dried people?

She: "There was a discussion on NPR this week about freeze-drying people in liquid nitrogen when they die."
He: "Really? That sounds weird."
She: "It's an environmentally-friendly method of human burial. Once the process is complete sound waves are used to shatter the body into a powder. Once buried, it becomes compost."
He: "That sounds interesting, but still weird."
She: "I'd do it if I could pick music to be used for me."
He: "What song would you choose?"
She: "Getaway by the Stereophonics! Get it?"
He: "Unfortunately, yes."

Photo Credit : GWU Society of Physics Students

what it be?

I like to make things and often think that if I can just come up with an idea it would be so easy. Creating something original is such a challenge for me because I really take inspiration from everywhere and want to do everything. This usually ends up in more thinking than doing.

I also don’t feel like a “natural” artist. It doesn’t just flow out of me; I have to try really hard. Recently, Design For Mankind started a great series called “Roadmaps: A Guide For Creative Pursuit” and it is helping me to get moving. But, once in motion, there’s so much to do.

As previously posted, I’m working on a collection called Square Dance, which started with fabric flowers made from two-sided calico fabric. I’m happy to finally have some focus, but it leads to so many decisions. As a Libra, making a choice is very challenging.

At this point, I’d like to have three different products in the collection – the fabric flowers, a matchbook notebook, and a note card. The flowers can be used in several forms as seen in the photo – magnet, brooch, push pin and/or sachet. Except for the sachet, the labor involved in making each version is about the same, but is the perception when it comes to pricing different?

For example, would someone perceive the price of a push pin to be dramatically different than for a brooch? From a business perspective, which form is best in terms of value? I've thought about giving the option to choose, but that might get a little crazy as each flower would have to be custom made. Sounds like a coin flip might be in order, but which coin to use?

save the planet

She: "It's
Earth Day today."
He: "Yes, what do we do to conserve energy?"
She: "Well, you drive a 4-cylinder Honda Accord instead of an SUV. We recycle our cans, paper and plastics . We buy vintage. We take the subway or walk a lot. Our co-op is getting a solar roof, too."
He: "Why don't you turn off that computer for the day?"
She: (Cringe) "Ok, see you guys tomorrow."
Photo credit :
John McConnell

nice to see you

She: "Didn't the Pope look happy to be here?"
He: "Yes, it was nice."
She: "My Mom would have enjoyed it. She always loved the hats."
He: "She would have liked his red shoes, too."
She: "Definitely."
Photo Credit : NY Times

it's past your bedtime

She wanted to stay up late to watch the Calzaghe vs. Hopkins fight.
He went to sleep in the 9th round giving
new meaning to the boxing chant - "put 'em to bed and pull up the covers".
Next day, he's full of energy. She's tired. It's going to be a long day for one of them, especially if someone gets cranky.
Photo Credit : HBO

rockin' daffodils

He brought these home with an offer to go with him to the Casbah.
She said yes, but only if "we can rock it".
They both love that song.

not what it appears to be

Glue and cocoa butter sticks are generally not interchangeable.
If you put them into your craft drawer, side by side, be prepared for the possibility of literally sealing your lips and/or paper that is glossy but not very sticky.
Not that I've done this, I'm just saying ...

the root of inspiration


There have been some great discussions about inspiration over at Decor8: Too Much Inspiration? recently. After reading the post and the comments, it seems like many people become over-stimulated by all of the fabulous work out there. Often, people lose their own voice, or become paralyzed. Although I'm incredibly interested in design and process of all types - some favorite shows include Room Service and Top Gear - it does get overwhelming. The web has opened up these areas enormously and I'm really grateful for it. I've learned about so many new things and met really lovely people online.

I think an over-abundance of inspiration may become a challenge for creative types because it's not about seeing a great idea and simply copying it - that would be relatively easy. Most artists would rather die than do something of that sort. They're interested in creating some kind of change by adding their own voice. It might be simply using one element or just being inspired by a different color palette. That's where it gets to be a bit more muddled. Another challenge I realized I face is how to corral all of the information? How does it all connect, if at all? I don't have the answers, but I'm more aware of how I can process inspiration.

When I started to learn to sew a couple of years ago, I wanted to combine paper+ fabric, either directly or through technique. I have been racking my brain to come up with something that I could really get excited about and that might be "new". The other day, while watching some music videos, I got an idea for a new collection that is inspired by Square Dancing. I don't remember where I read it, but someone mentioned it in a post recently - I think it was Alicia. It made me remember doing some Square Dancing in high school a couple of times and it was so much fun. It conjures up memories of community, dance, music, being carefree, farms (I grew up in the suburbs), calico and fluffy skirts.

I'm starting with some fabric flowers made from two-sided fabric. Ever since seeing two-sided scrapbooking paper, I thought it would be neat to do the same with fabric. So, I will start with the flowers and then see where it goes from there. I can already imagine them as pins, push pins, magnets, and on sachets. I don't know if there's anything new here, but it's new to me.

More of Square Dance can be found here.

the business of craft

thanks so much for the comments and your thoughts everyone! i'm leaning towards something like "the business of craft". i'm currently working on a new product line and facing some struggles with it. also, as previously posted, i'm pondering the question of "to blog or not to blog".

i don't really keep a journal and i'm kind of shy. i think about things quite a bit before i actually write them down whether they represent a plan or a pattern. probably not a good idea and a key contributor to my insomnia - hmmm.

so, the blog would represent a new method of documenting my steps along the way. i'd like the format to be different than paragraph text. i like to quickly scan content and i'm thinking bulleted lists of some sort. maybe, i would alternate posts between business + craft with some fun stuff thrown in.

i don't want to be a blogger that only talks about content i've found on other blogs or feel like the tank has run dry. at this point, i better start drafting an outline, so i can see the logical sequence of where i would take this journey. now, where's that pencil?

thinking about it

i'm not sure the world needs another blog, but i'm thinking about it. i guess the question is - what can i write about on a regular basis that adds something new? here are a few ideas:
  1. live in nyc - sights + sounds.
  2. experience in small businesses + marketing = tips.
  3. started my own wholesale handcrafted stationery business = experience.
  4. want to start a new handmade business to sell retail = start-up process.
  5. love to make things, all kinds of design, and music = talk about it.
if you find your way here and have any ideas, please leave me a comment.

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