East River Ferry
two weekends in a row we hopped on the east river ferry headed for different destinations and everyone who visits nyc should give it a try. taking the ferry provides great views, is very relaxing and you can get on and off at different places with ease (no subway stairs).

the first weekend we visited photoville in brooklyn bridge park and although it was super-hot the exhibit was really interesting. different artists set up their work in shipping containers, which led to a broad variety of displays.

gems by jane lindsay featured mug shots from the maricopa, arizona sheriff's office in tintype form and you can read her artist's statement about the piece here.

Brooklyn Bridge
the brooklyn bridge really is so beautiful.

Street Art
some street art actually painted on the street by david ellis in dumbo, brooklyn (see the full painting here).

Street Art
cool mural.

the second weekend we took the ferry to governors island, which is located south of manhattan and offers, among other things, the most incredible views of the financial district and new jersey.

Colonel's Row
only accessible by ferry during the summer months, the island is just 2.2 miles around and features a variety of fun events like art workshops for children, glass blowing demonstrations and jazz age lawn parties where people get dressed up from the period.

you can rent bicycles or trollies to peddle around, which i was doing while taking this photo.

there's currently wonderful sculptures by mark di suvero on loan from storm king.

Ferry & Liberty
and, a gorgeous view of the statue of liberty and staten island ferry. sure i had visions of gilligan's island while on what was a two hour ferry ride round trip, but doing new things in your own town ain't so bad. next up, maybe top of the rock for some night time skyline views.

xo, cindy


Statue of Liberty
Circular Parking Garage

we found the scale model of the statue of liberty in bronze on 61st street & madison avenue purely by chance a few weeks ago. it's made by using the original frederic-auguste bartholdi plaster mold and is so interesting to see all of the details in this pretty lady up close. the second photo is just a circular parking garage at the local mall and was nice to find it empty. for those who celebrate, happy fourth of july, and for everyone else, happy hump day :)!

xo, cindy