little pink studio gets BIG love

Our little pink studio, or things in it, has been shown some extra love this week and we just wanted to return the favor by sharing the 411 on these lovely blogs. Thank you so very much!

a beautiful day for a parasol

Parasol amidst the trees

I was just minding my own business when I spotted this vintage silk parasol in the window of a shop last week. It was so pretty and I immediately thought - pictures! Of course the shop was closed, so I had to sweat it out until the next day and hope someone else didn't get it first.

Tightrope here I come

After some drama like missing the stop on the subway and not being able to make a decision about whether I should get it or not, I bought it and took it home. When I showed the parasol to Scott he said that it would be nice if we went to the New York Botanical Garden to photograph it, plus he would take pictures of me with the umbrella, I mean parasol. That sounded great to me, especially since he never uses the camera. It was going to be interesting.

The wind carried it over this wall about 12' down a few times

Since the best time for the Rose Garden is in springtime, we weren't really expecting much other than beautiful garden architecture. When we came up over the top of the hill, we were amazed to find the roses is full bloom and our best photos were taken there! Yay!

Reminds me a tiny bit of Monet's Poppies Blooming

Now, I am really shy and self-conscious normally, let alone while traipsing around with a bright yellow parasol. But, we were going to give it a try - our first photo shoot. We arrived at the Garden early thinking we could get it "over with" before the crowds got there. No such luck, so onward and upward.

Parasol + Rose Garden + Henry Moore

Scott did very well, and somehow, we managed to take over a 100 pictures between the two of us - way too many. Although he did
shut the camera off a lot without realizing it, which is something I do myself all the time, and it was pretty hot, we had fun.

Where's that bus?

Henry Moore's sculpture looked like it could use some shade

That's what we did this weekend, how about you?

Contrast between refined silk and earthiness of the moss-covered tree is neat

I had to add this one after Megan's comment

Photo Credit : Scott + Cindy

scott says THANK YOU!

He: "Thank heaven!"

She: "For what? Little girls? [he he]"

He: "The new music recommendations everyone gave to YOU over the past few days."
She: "Why so animated pumpkin?" [You should see his face, so cute]
He: "You're
killing me with the music you've been listening to!"
She: "Coldplay?" [Too easy >-)]
He: "NO, don't be a wisenheimer."

She: "Avenged Sevenfold?"
He: "YES, YES, YES!"

She: "I know, it's kind of making me depressed - NOT! They have some really pretty songs - Dear God is a beauty. You know it's the calm and storm formula. You just have to open your mind my man. Or, listen to every other song ;)."
He: "You're going to blow your eardrums out!"

She: "No, the subway is doing that. [And, your yelling!] Are there any of the new suggestions that you like."

He: "Yes, I like Sondra Lerche, The Kings of Convenience, Jon McLaughlin and Sean Hayes."

She: "What about Little Big Town? They were Dixie Chicks-ish, but smoother."

He: "Yeah."
She: "I like all of them, plus Laura Marling from Erin. How about we start with the wonderful, folksy
Jon McLaughlin (thanks Annie)? He is really special."
He: "Now you're talkin'! It's all good! Thanks again everyone - you have NO idea what it's been like HERE!"

She: "And you call me a Drama Queen?"
He: "You better start running ..."
She: "Doh, but I'm just a GIRL!"

Photo Credit : Cindy of Scott

music makes my world go round

Although I am a Libra and love to be surrounded by beautiful things, music has the strongest hold on me. It is the primary creative force that can bring me to tears one minute and then make me jump for joy the next. Not to get morbid, but it is so important that should I kick the bucket first, Scott has strict instructions to make sure that my iPod is playing through our Tivoli during my wake.

Music was really important in my house growing up. My parents listened to records from the original Rat Pack-era and some of my fondest memories include listening to the Hi-Fi while dancing with my Father - my feet on his. I still can not hear Moon River by Andy Williams without crying, but it's a good cry.

My brother also listened to great music from the 1960/70s and I would go up to his room and listen to his records. We both worried that "they" would run out of music someday.

I learned to play a few instruments in school and listened to music from the 1980s+. Now, in addition listening to npr on a transistor radio, I always have something playing from wfuv,, radio paradise, or my own library to keep me company. It definitely inspires me, fuels my daydreaming, and contributes to my insomnia.

I re-discovered my love for "listening" to music, which is different than "playing" it, after my Mom passed away a couple of years ago. Quickly followed by the closing of the start-up company I was working with at the time. And then, by a computer hard drive crash a few weeks later, which would not normally be catastrophic, but it took all of the condolence emails I received about my Mom with it. I still have it, so they're with me in spirit. That was a rough time and I wasn't very productive, so I took solace in music morning, noon and night.

I'm a little better with the schedule now, and for the most part, my taste in music is geared towards the new unlike my love of vintage objects. It is probably evident in my play list compared to Scott's even though we're about the same age. Heavily influenced by the UK, I'm developing a eclectic mix, but have had my fill of classical (high school band) and light jazz (oh man, how did that happen?), unless it's techno.

I love these two videos, which are both beautiful in their unique way.

Shine On by The Kooks
Visually beautiful and sweet. Yay for all us girls with short hair!
Thank you Chelsea.

Leave Out The Rest by Linkin Park
Beautiful lyrics with a message that sounds good to me.

Are you listening to anything you love now? New or old. Between the two of us, we have it covered. Wishing
everyone a melodious weekend!

xo, Cindy

Photo Credit : Stereo (I had a blue parrot called Petey just like in the photo) + The Record Labels

polaroid love : group 3/3


Thanks for joining us on our trip down memory lane, although these photos were taken last week! Somehow, they do seem to represent many of our memories from the beach growing up. This is the last group and I really must thank Scott for being my driver, scout + photography assistant for this project as well as for his patience.
He heard lots of this - slow down here, no there, STOP, hold this, hold that, one more! Oy vey!

In addition, the film isn't inexpensive or unlimited, so it takes more than 10 seconds to find a good shot - the first photo in the group of the flag took over 15 minutes in order to capture the flag waving in the wind "just right". Plus, the camera is not compact and you have to deal with the picture when it prints out - where do you put it? And
, I was also using my digital camera for the same things - that seems crazy for a regular person! No?

I have less than 15 shots left and I'm wondering if I should get more film, or stick with my original plan of 40 pics and out? I'm a bashful photographer and using this camera makes me feel very self-conscious. I tried some interior shots and they are less than stellar. The beach really suited Polaroid. Oh dear, I'm a Libra and can never make a decision, quickly ....

xo, Cindy

Main Beach

Beach House

Wicker Porch


Final Main Beach

polaroid love : group 2/3

Beach House

This is Polaroid group 2 of 3 from our recent visit to the beach. The photos have been scanned without any additional editing, although they could probably use it as there are definitely some issues with things getting caught in the shot - like the side mirror of our car in the pic above. I realize now that the photographers who create magic with Polaroids are really great photographers. Patience is critical as you really want to take your time and look at the entire frame in order to capture a good shot.

I think it's a helpful exercise for me because I do a lot of cropping of my digital photos on my computer and I don't really enjoy that part at all. I don't want to become an expert in Photoshop or have several dozen shots of anything unless they are distinctive. But, you can't beat the convenience of digital and experimenting with different filters, etc. is fun. Either way, my goal it to spend more time taking photos and less time fixing them.

xo, Cindy

Red Geraniums


Blue Hydrangeas

Flower Wall

Main Beach

polaroid love : group 1/3

I've been admiring the Polaroid-love out there for a while. I tried to resist doing it myself since the film will no longer be produced. But, I was not strong enough, and, for once, I couldn't be happier about a weakness. As Tennyson said, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

borrowed a camera for me and I was originally going to take just 40 shots and then call it a day. I don't think so. These photos are like magic. Not only the way they develop before your eyes as we all know, but the romantic qualities they evoke. Mat Denney said it best in For The Love of Light - "It doesn't record reality with digital faithfulness, it's how you remember reality looking, saturated with the color and texture of memories."

These pics represent group 1 of 3 from a recent trip to our favorite beach town and I think it was a perfect place to capture on Polaroid. It's very special for us and now we have it immortalized in tangible photos unlike most of my digital work. I have a lot to learn, but it's a start.

Main Beach

Climbing Roses

Home Sweet Home Museum

Pink Hydrangeas


Main Beach

xo, Cindy

two versions of beauty in film

The Dark Knigh
She: "It was too hot to do much of anything this weekend, so you chose the movies after going to see
Sex and The City with me. Two for one seemed fair."
He: "Well, I really wanted to see The Dark Knight and thought you might like Mamma Mia."
She: "Thank you. I think we really liked both movies, but Batman was awesome!"
He: "Oh man, Heath Ledger was fantastic as The Joker. I keep thinking about him."
She: "For real. There's a lot going on in his face. I mean, The Joker is exaggerated in that way, but he was amazing in Brokeback Mountain with his face - the pursed lips. It's the same thing in Batman and the voice he came up with was so weird."
He: "The Joker is usually crazy, but kind of pulled together. His interpretation was of a guy who was disheveled, smeared and deranged. He was magnificent. The special effects were cool and the story kept you on the edge of your seat."
She: "I think it was visually beautiful in a dark way - very modern. And, Gotham feels like NYC. Everyone was great, including Maggie Gyllenhaal - she has some edge to her that is believable. And, Christian Bale - hubba, hubba."

Mamma Mia

He: "Ok, calm down. I think Mamma Mia was actually scarier."

She: "How so?"
He: "Pierce Brosnan can not sing, although Meryl Streep can and was really great."
She: "Well, Pierce really can't sing and they couldn't even do anything in production to hide it. He's pretty to look at though."
He: "So was Amanda Seyfried."
She: "Agreed and she has a lovely voice. I thought Greece looked absolutely beautiful, too. Bottom line is it was a fun summer movie, very upbeat."
He: "Oh yeah, what's with all the squealing girls do when they get together in the movie? The same thing happened in Sex and The City."
She: "I have NO idea! It drives me crazy, too. I don't know girls who act like that."
He: "Were you crying?"
She: "When they sing Dancing Queen it just kills me. Add it to the list with Moon River I guess? If I can get past the crying, it's a great song to start off the day."
He: "Yeah, way better than the band you've been listening to on repeat."
She: "Hey watch it, my letterpress skull card is on the way. You don't want to see your name on it do you?"
He: [I'm realizing we could have probably skipped Mamma Mia! She's obviously going through a dark phase. It's usually temporary, at least I hope so. What does this mean anyway: 8-X?]

Photo Credit : Wikipedia

summer at the beach

East Hampton Main Beach

Some snapshots from our recent trip to East Hampton. No glitz - there never is as we're very low key.
No celebrity sightings thank goodness. No pink chests or other stuff to lug home. Lots of great weather, grub and relaxation. And, stay tuned as the best is yet to come next week in Polaroid. Have a lovely weekend!

Traditional Shingle House

The Modern House Next To It

And then, The White House?



Haven's House Antiques

Vintage VW Beetle

Shabby Chic Bench

Vintage Jaguar


Vintage Chevy Impala SS


Vintage Mercedes


WWII Warship Telescopes

Vintage Rolls Royce

Photo Credit : Cindy with the help of a very patient Scott