fun : scott likes it!

songs : jet airliner by steve miller band - awesome!
true by spandau ballet - i love him anyway & at least their british!

hello, hello! i thought it was time to create a post full of things scott likes. now, simon cowell might say this post is 'self-indulgent,' but i certainly hope it won't be 'utterly forgettable.' can you imagine someone saying that to you in front of millions of people? scott was born and raised in new york city, so lets see some things he likes about it here. when i took the photo of his shadow above he was like 'look at me, i'm a giant, take my picture.' i did, but he's 6' tall and a giant to many as it is. enjoy your week. can you believe it's almost easter? happy passover to those who celebrate.

xo, cindy


picking up sweets for his sweetie, me!

great landmarks ;).

cool cars and his own in the reflection on the right.

flowers in unusual places.

and other interesting things if you notice.

family traditions. scott's family has been working with lore decorators for years through their furniture business and he would go to papaya king (hot dogs) with his grandpa for breakfast. we still go to both places.

free things, especially if they make me super-happy. the windows of kate spade were recently covered in pinwheels. so cool. i saw some little girls with them around and realized the next day you could take one home. i did and it's pink!

indoors at the movies and outdoors in the park, where they also show movies in the summer. i've missed a few things like coffee, coffee, coffee, but there's always another post!

life : survival of the dentist

song : hey, soul sister by train
delightful, delicious, delovely

hello, hello! well, i survived my experience with the oral surgeon (never felt so afraid, but shouldn't have) and a week with scott as as house husband (never felt so loved). i've been keeping up with your blogs, but have not been the best commenter. i will do better next week and have some things to show you (lots of flowers, of course), but i've got a lot of work to do, although it's more like fun!

speaking of to-dos, have you heard of teuxdeux? it's fantastic! the tasks you list, but don't cross off, carry over until the next day. i start everyday with things like these because i never cross them off -

* enjoy the day
* hugs
* smile & laugh

it's a little bit corny, but i'm always sure to have some nice things to do each day. hope you enjoy your weekend. see you next week!

xo, cindy

ps according to my version of the boudoir language of flowers from 1885, the pansy means think of me. so, the pansies are meant as a small token of thanks for all of your well wishes this week and always.

life : pardon the interruption

Pink Geraniums
album : work from the shout out louds

hello, hello! thank you so much for the well wishes regarding my tooth, which is feeling much, much better. i'm going for a second opinion today at scott's insistence. he's off from work all week and taking me. although it's a good thing, he's so distracting to have around the house i'm going to take a blogging break this week to get things in order and practice life styles of the rich and famous ;).

he's been extra nice to me making turkey meatballs & spaghetti, soup, cheerios, meatloaf & mashed potatoes, and easy things to chew. i really appreciate everything he does, but sometimes i don't 'live' the appreciation. i let outside factors get me down and i harp on them, which takes away from the nice things that go on at home. lately, i feel so disappointed in myself for being that way and quite weepy about it. i'm really trying to realign my priorities, which sounds so corporate, but it's usually the corporate stuff that gets in the way.

we'll be moving this computer to our guest room and i'm excited about it. if all goes well, i'll have a new room with a view to read your blogs. i hope you all have a wonderful week!

xo, cindy

ps i forgot to mention that the pretty geraniums were tucked behind a curtain and barely watered this winter. one day, i noticed the blooms and was so happy. i'm sure there's a message in that somewhere.

life : ode to my dentist

Candy & Flowers
video : crooked teeth by death cab for cutie

hi all! i feel like i've been mia this week as it's been blah to put it nicely. there were a few highlights starting out with an inquiry from someone interested in purchasing a butterfly garland and a mention as inspiration in rashida's i love patchwork book for the fabric flowers i made last year.

the photo is dedicated to my dentist. i went to see him on tuesday with what i thought was going to be a simple issue. turns out, he thinks i should have a tooth pulled and was ready to send me right over to the oral surgeon. just like that! it takes me a month to prepare for a haircut! after some tears, i said no way and let's try some meds to see if it will feel better, especially those pretty pink & blue antibiotics. his wife is the office manager and i asked her if she ever had a tooth pulled. she told me yes, 1-2-3-4-5! whoa, she needs a new dentist. can you imagine the conversation if she got one -

dr. h: 'your teeth look different'.
mrs. h: ''i'm sorry, but i've been seeing another dentist. i love you dearly, but couldn't loose one more tooth!"

combined with an extended period of analysis paralysis at work, hormonal tidal waves, rain and who knows what else, i've had no energy. but, i do have energy to enjoy some candy with thoughts of my dentist running through my head. don't those red flowers look like bristles? enjoy your weekend and don't forget to brush!

xo, cindy

ps i missed out on the liberty for target pop-up shop, which sold out in two days. snap!

fun : saturday in the city

video : paris nights/new york mornings by corinne bailey rae

the beautiful weather lately is perfect for wandering around the city. on saturday, we went to soho to pick-up a marble pastry board that turned out to be too heavy to take home on the train, but there were plenty of other things to keep us busy.

looking up to see structures that seem to fit together like puzzles.

a favorite local spot for lunch/coffee across the street from purl patchwork, which is where scott usually waits for me. that's not him, but some other dude.

noticing natural elements creatively used, especially the cork heart.

a shop called dosa was the highlight. wow. the handmade clothes are beautiful and delicate. i loved this wall of hearts, which is about 12' high x 20' long completely covered in strands of handmade hearts suspended on wires. incredible.

duct tape in kate spade and handball through a chain link fence create two types of barriers. i hope you had a nice weekend. did you watch the oscars? i thought steve and alec were great and i loved all those ruffly dresses. i was surprised the hurt locker won best picture, but it was very good. intense to say the least. enjoy your week!

xo, cindy

life : time flies

video : my best days are ahead of me by danny gokey
inspiring, uplifting, smile-inducing.

is it really friday, already? this week has flown by. the snow is disappearing and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend so that's good. are you watching american idol? love the girls this season, especially siobhan and crystal, plus lacy's hair & those eyes. we'll add in alex who is so young & reviving the mullet. counting down the days to liberty at target and no doubt we'll watch the oscars sunday. we saw a lot of the movies, but i love the gowns.

i'm trying to manage our side bar by featuring more current links and created master lists as posts. the 'we read' section is meant to include friends who comment on our blog and those we're in touch with by email/mail. if you're a visitor and would like to be included, don't be shy, let me know.

the link to the full list organizes everyone by category - artist, design source, writer, etc. some people fall into multiple categories, so i tried to go with the most prominent one. if you'd like to be moved from one category to another, just say the word.

scott said spring is the air. the other day, he noticed two sparrows doing the wild thing ;). hope you have a fun weekend!

xo, cindy

ps the adorable bicycle letterpress card is from paper schmaper's shop. i love the special touch in the lined envelope. the roses were not mine, but seen through the glass of a shop. the looking glass, perhaps?

fun : orchids + snow

Orchid Show
band : buena vista social club, of course

we broke out of our cabin fever this weekend and visited the new york botanical garden for the orchid show as hoped. the displays were inspired by cuba and and filled with the most interesting varieties of orchids in all colors and sizes. i love the oncidium or dancing lady orchid above as it looks like a petticoat.

the la giraldilla is an iconic statue of old havana and the gorgeous cypripedioideae or the lady's slipper orchids are really cool.

Orchid Show

miltonia also known as a pansy orchid.

the palm trees and thousands of orchids lead to a replica of a sugar mill, together with another dancing lady orchid in deep red and yellow.

a lovely view, but it was getting crowded.

zoo-like with some photographers using super-fancy cameras (long lenses) and becomes a bit much when they linger and linger and linger over the shot. regardless of camera value, we all want to see and take a nice photo. after a while, we said adios and went outside to make a snow lady inspired by the tropics.


it was a beautiful day and i thank these two for stopping to give us an idea of the size of the trees. big!

the landscape covered in snow was perfect, but we've had enough snow. it's melting quickly in our neighborhood and we are ready to say hasta la vista nieve.

i really struggled with these photos because we went last year and i wanted something different (improved) regardless of the display. i felt stuck trying to edit them down, but i think i'm doing better showing fewer because last year i had a second post. i'm a literal person and it's hard not to show everything and in sequence, but if you want to see more orchids just say the word ;)!

xo, cindy

ps i'm reorganizing our side bar, so there may be a random post or two filled with links. feel free to ignore them.