pics : beach diptychs {2}

License Plate Flag & Shooting of the Muskets

Hi Everyone -

There was a military reenactment at Mulford Farm Museum while we were in East Hampton. There's a lot of camera shake in that top photo on the right because I didn't expect them to actually shoot the muskets. It was so loud and sudden! I included it anyway because it reminds me of how funny it was at the time.

We're taking Charlie to his favorite Czech restaurant this Father's Day. He's doing ok, but you know, it's not easy. Among other things, he really misses the daily chit chat we often take for granted. And, making reservations for 3 instead of 4 is weird. We're still kind of in shock that Helen passed away and it's only two months, but seems like so long ago. Thanks to everyone who asks about him.

I hope you enjoy this group of diptychs. I am so corny, someone really should stop me ;). Have a nice weekend!

xo, Cindy

PS More diptychs over here, including my photo, sort of.

Soldier, Kid & Lodgings
'Hey kid, do I look like I'm kidding? That's your tent for the night.'

Cook & Seamstress
'I should have chosen the sewing. Look at Miss Jane Austen.'
They had a turkey, salmon, scallops and potatoes cooking in the fire pit. Yum.

Windmill & Turnstile
They had concerts in the 1680s?

Outdoors & Indoors
I absolutely adore this place.

Indoors & Outdoors
It is so, well, quaint.

Swans & Their Flock
The Swans are used to people feeding them and were heading towards us. Yay! And then ...

Swans, Trader & Soldiers
The guy in the upper left bribed them with bread and they headed in the other direction. We were unprepared and had no bread. I think the muskets have HIS name of them. Just kidding, sort of ;).


in another lifetime said...

Cindy, as I'm relatively new to your blog I don't have the background information on Helen and Charlie, but please know that I am sorry for your loss. I hope you had a wonderful time at his favorite restaurant. He is lucky to have you!:)
Love the humor here too, by the way!

mary said...

I love these! And they are right up my husband's alley...he loves any sort of Colonial re-enactment. Hope you have a great weekend!

Julia said...

These are great photos! I know a few people who would give their eye teeth to reenact there :) Look at those lovely hats!

I've been thinking about Charlie, especially around the holidays. Tell him that he's being sent heaps of love from a town in Madison who knows what it feels like to lose someone so special!


Bonbon Oiseau said...

how cool cindy/./ we stayed right across from the swans this spring on my birthday---she was sitting on her nest, before her eggs hatched! did you see any babies? i love your photos--east hampton is such an interesting historical place, especially for us lawng gislandlers--so differetn than any other place on the island...
poor charlie---you are so caring and sweet to him...he is very lucky to have you. you must miss helen very much...
oxox, deb

Cindy said...

sheila - thank you!
mary - we never cared before, but they are so neat. we loved when the 'soldier' was teaching the young boys who looked a bit bored ;).
julia - you are the sweetest and can't become a nurse soon enough. they were the ones who looked after helen and us the most, no offense to the doctors.
deb - you must have stayed in the maidstone or hedges, which are both really nice. we counted 9 babies. they're in the pics, but getting big. thanks for the nice thoughts. helen did most of the talking so now we're just kind of looking at each other. it's quiet.

Deniz said...

love Them!
quite interesting- since i have never actually seen anything quite like it!
and as usual your humour is golden!

Grace@PoeticHome said...

This photograph series seems magical to me! It's actually quite an interesting juxtaposition with digital photography capturing such antiquities and historical reenactments. I think my favorite is one where you revealed that they had concerts way back in the wee days!! :)

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing...that was really interesting. Amazing images and what a nice place.

Michelle R. said...

Hi Cindy, May I ask what lens you're using? Is this the 35 mm or 50 mm? Thanks!!!

Elizabeth said...

The lighting in the room with the basket is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

fun pics...i could use some of those outdoor cooking pots:)

meg said...

LOVED this set of pics - wow, so much fun! And your turnstile comment made me laugh :) Really loved the inside/outside & vice/versa pics w/ the lovely lighting and bright outside colors.

Have a special Father's Day with sweet Charlie :) You two are so kind :)


Cindy said...

thanks everyone! hope you have a nice father's day. it's still raining here - ugh!

michelle - i'm using a 35mm lense. i love it, but do lose some shots without a zoom lense, especially of wild life.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Love the picture of the lovely Swans... Lovely weekend dear! XO*

Candi said...

Great photos! I always love your work!!! I hope Charlie had a great Father's day :)

Fifi Flowers said...

What a FAB place to visit! GREAT photos!!!

Unknown said...

seeing their outfits, i always wonder how they managed during a hot, humid day. so many (long) layers!

hmstrjam said...

Love all the photos from your trip Cindy! So calm and peaceful