life : you're fired!

the song is scott's choice : how sweet it is by james taylor

he: "CINDY!!!"
she: (oh man, he's using my name instead of sunshine, cutie.) "yes?"
he: "i just came from dr. b's office." (today.)
she: (uh, yeah, i know, i've been waiting for you.) "and?"
he: "thanks to you taking such good care of my left foot and being the supreme bandage wrapper of all time i'm going to have to let you go." (i was a great patient, too, but get ready.)
she: (did he just fire me? can i collect unemployment?) "ok?"
he: "i'm good as new and you can stop treating me like an invalid."
she: "that's great! i'm so happy!"
he: "i'm not done."
she: (he's got brain damage. i wrapped those bandages too tightly.)
he: "please don't hover around the bathroom door anymore. i only slipped in the shower once, ok twice, but that was because i used that NEW cvs enriched daily lotion and it was really slippery." (that was CRAZY! thank god she put those non-slip strips in the tub after wards.)
she: (yeah, gave me a freaking heart attack and i was SLEEPING like a baby, which rarely happens! don't use that lotion on your tootsies, people!). "o-k."
he: "what do you have to say?"
she: (be good, you make these kind of speeches at least once a month, keep your eye on the prize). "thank you for the pink roses."
he: "really? that's it?"
she: "no."
he: (here it comes. the neighbors!)
she: "here's that telephone number you asked for." (ha, he's freaking out waiting for me to lower the boom on him for firing me. he can't fire me because I QUIT, yesterday. i just didn't say anything about it.)
he: "ok, thanks."
she: (i think i deserve a one time upgrade from my hope in a jar to crème de la mer for all the cotton-pickin' worrying i've been doing, but i'll be patient, for now.) "anything else?"
he: "you're going to post this on our blog aren't you?"
she: "yes indeedy!"
he: "please thank everyone for their good wishes. they helped a lot."
she: "sure. anyone else?"
he : (i'll pretend i'm thinking ;).) "why you of course, cutie."
she : "oy, just put on these socks instead of the boring white ones you've been wearing. i have an idea!"
he : "it's good to be back! i can't wait to wear my new sneakers."

ps this one's for julie as her dad has been sick. she always liked these silly posts. i'm not sure i format them correctly, the stuff in the parenthesis represents our thoughts.

pps my song is i gotta feeling by the black eyed peas.


cindy* said...

this is too cute!

erin said...

ha! so glad to hear scott's feeling better (for your sake, and his ;)

onesilentwinter said...

smiling wide! love is grand!

Line said...

sweet... I love the way you write and these flowers are gorgeous!!!!

blue moss said...

super fun! glad he's better so you could be fired :)
and the flowers are so, so pretty

jane said...


Mika said...

LOL!!!!! Mika (

Michelle Brunner said...

Love this! Beautiful flowers also!

julie king said...

oh, cindy, i loved every single word of this post!! yes, you know how i loved this format in the way back and am always thrilled when you do a she said/he said post! this one was particularly meaningful for me.

thanks for the link, thinking of me and most of all your awesome friendship. ((hugs)) to both you and scott for all the ways you make life just a little bit sweeter!

Deniz said...

LOL! Bliss of marriage ;):)

meg said...

LOVE those gorgeous pink roses. And I'm sorry you got fired, but I'm glad Scott's foot is better. And I'd forget the "I quit" stance and stick with your ploy for unemployment - it's got potential :)


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

You're such a great nurse! Glad he's better- and what a sweetie to give you such pretty roses :)

aimee said...

you write stories as beautifully as you take photos! fantastic!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Well this is better than recess, better than spring break - it's like summer vacation!!!!

Too funny, Cindy! I'm so glad he's better!

Joyce said...

Very cute! I'm glad things are headed in the right direction. I don't think you mind being fired in this case. xo