fun : i won!

video(s) : winter winds by mumford & sons.
i love country winston (brown coat) who plays a mean banjo.

hope you all had a nice weekend! cassie of clementine bestowed upon me the kreativ blogger award last week and it's pretty great. so, here are seven things you might not know about me, although it was hard as i'm such an open book ;) -
  1. we don't own a microwave or dishwasher. there's just no room for them in our kitchen, so we are patient and wash the dishes ourselves.
  2. sometimes, i listen to my i-pod while watching tv, including american idol.
  3. i have a really hard time making a decision. i blame it on being a libra, but it's probably more to do with a fear of making the wrong one.
  4. when our fish rocky died a couple of years ago, we couldn't stand the idea of flushing him down the toilet. burying him in the ground seemed bizarre. instead, we put him in a small container with some water and froze him (less bizarre?). we thought we were so crazy, but apparently many people do the same thing.
  5. even if i'm in my pjs all day, i'll be sure to shower and get fixed up before scott gets home.
  6. until i get to know you, i'm very shy in person. email and the internet have definitely been my saviors when it comes to meeting new people.
  7. i'm determined (stubborn) when i set my mind to doing something like getting that darn egg to look like a darn heart and taste darn good - see here.
ok, enough about me. how about seven unknown things from krissy, jamie, ms. line, meg, michelle, pascale & shari? you are now at least one time kreative blog award winners, so come on up and keep in mind that the band is warming up to take us to a commercial. enjoy your week!

xo, cindy

ps we made shrimp and corn chowder with fennel from a recipe in real simple magazine this weekend and it was delicious. the fennel adds such a nice flavor.


erin said...

mmm, chowder! sounds wonderful!

Line said...

I love your answers Cindy, thanks for the award, I will make my speach soon, I need a beautiful dress now!!

happy monday!!

painted fish studio said...

i love "meeting" other people that don't own microwaves. jaws drop when i tell people i don't have one.

it was fun learning more about you!

Pascale said...

Loved your list! And thanks for awarding me!
I haven't thought of anything else since I read about it here this afternoon... Stress!! Only seven things, you said? LOL!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

very interesting- love your list! thanks for the nomination :)

hmstrjam said...

hehe i like radical design so much more! oh poor rocky- is he still in the freezer? thanks for the nomination cindy!

Clementine said...

YAY! I love these facts about you. I have to say, I think living without a dishwasher or a microwave would be like my own personal version of "Survivor." You are a brave, brave woman! ;)

Cindy said...

yes jamie, rocky is still in the freezer! sometimes, i think 'i could really use that container' but i never do. i should take a picture!

survivor sounds like something i can reference in the future, cassie!

aimee said...

sometimes i think dishwashers are more trouble than they are worth! i've been on a 4 month cycle lately bouncing back and forth between hand washing and the dishwasher. i've finally concluded that i'd rather do neither ;)

Cindy said...

i agree, aimee! eating take out in the take out containers will help us achieve that goal!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Wow microwave?!
I'm with you on pj...wish I could go to work wearing them! Thanks for the lyric link~ you are so kind!

Elizabeth said...

Always fun to learn new things about you :)

We don't have a microwave either! I'm terrible at decisions (I think it's the Libra in us ;) #5 is funny, I would do the same thing:)

You should see the trouble I'm having with the Nikon people! I mailed everything they wanted, and they sent me an e-mail saying I didn't send the proof of purchase!! What??@#$%$$ How could they have the packing slips with all my info, enough to generate an e-mail to me, BUT not have the receipt? I had to get another one and scan them a copy....still haven't heard from them today! I'm so mad :(

blue moss said...

totally loved reading your list...and thanks so much for including me :)
my computer is totally acting up...i have tried 3x to comment on this post and tell you how much i enjoyed it...and just when i go to hit "post comment" my internet is gone! hopefully it will work this time...and as soon as it is working for more than a few minutes at a time...i will post my own list :)

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

I loved your list, Cindy. I'm shy too, so the internet has been very helpful to me.

Is Rocky still in the freezer? Like a fishicle?

meg said...

Well I have arrived late to the party and must apologize :/ What an awesome post and *CONGRATS* on your blogger award! You totally deserve it :) Thanks for nominating me too - I'll get right on it!

I loved reading your list and was very surprised at several of your unknown things! We have several similarities too! My son just brought me his Mumford & Sons CD 'cause he thought I'd like it... I would not miss my dishwasher at all because I could not possibly hate it more than I do (though I have to admit with all these boys I could not survive w/o my microwave!)... and believe it or not I can be quite shy too! No really!

You rock girlfriend xoxo

Bella Sinclair said...

I love your fascinating tidbits. :) You are a true media multi-tasker! And I'd never heard that about fish. Hey, if it's good enough for Walt Disney....