fun : sunshine award!

Spring Green
band : guggenheim grotto - fe da da dee
so glad this favorite Irish band is making
full song tracks available on myspace!

hello! recently, sweet denise gave us the sunshine award, which is pretty great, especially since we've been having some rainy weather. it's wonderful to receive such a happy award and the best way i thought to pass it along was to give it to the first ten ladies who commented on our last post, so here goes -
  1. grace
  2. aimee
  3. pj
  4. jami
  5. michelle
  6. line
  7. jen
  8. alison
  9. joyce
  10. krissy
Spring Green
i think i'm going to do it that way from now on, especially if you don't have to write long lists of your deepest, darkest secrets.

xo, cindy

ps our little pink cabinet was on sew, mama, sew!


Aurora Sisneros said...

WOW. Amazing pictures. Sad I am inside at my desk and not out in the sun. What camera do you use for these lovelies?

Cindy said...

hey aurora, i use a nikon d60 with a 35mm lens most of the time.

Line said...

how nice... it's snowing right now!!!

Cindy said...

oh man, take some pictures of your pearls in the snow on some flowers!

Aurora Sisneros said...

Thanks, Cindy! And thanks for your comment - photography is yet another hobby I am obsessed with. Your photos are inspirational. :)

Jamie said...

I needed a little sunshine in my life. I'm currently wearing two pair of socks and considering a 3rd. I could just turn on the heat - but I'm determined that the heat is off for the season.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

love that top photo, but i think i've told you that :)

Thanks for the lovely award. I could use a little sunshine the last few days. you're sweet...

NADIA said...


Joyce said...

Congrats on the mention of your pink cabinet and the award. Thank you my friend! Wondeful photos as always! I love the second one, makes me want to lay down on the cool grass and look up at the clouds. xo

painted fish studio said...

super fun, i love a little extra sunshine. thanks, cindy!

Julia said...

What loverly images, darling! I love those blue blossoms at the bottom especially :)

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I spotted turquoise beautiful Cindy! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on.

enjoy your day!

xo Alison

Deniz said...

oh fabulous! it could be storming but i would find some sunshine round here - so the award is so totally deserved!

meg said...

Congrats on your sunny award :) And I am awestruck over your gorgeous pink cabinet!!!