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Institute of You
hello, hello! as previously mentioned, i've enrolled in a program from the institute of you to help identify my best opportunity for work-life fulfillment - happiness. i've finished the initial phase and it has already done a lot to open my eyes. the first step is to enter into a contract with yourself to basically dream big and it has come in handy as some of my hopes are big ones and might seem unattainable. when i feel that way, i pull out the contract to remind myself to keep looking up and moving forward.

then, you go through five phases that include different exercises and i love how the program is graphically-oriented and most of the work is completed offline. the first phase is called aims and each exercise is contained within a sealed envelope, which is great because i can get hung up on a concept and the curiosity to open that next envelope keeps me moving forward. there were four assignments in this phase:
  1. external insights - involves circulating a short survey to people who know you for their thoughts - the best part!
  2. past expectations - how the expectations of others and you played out - hmmm.
  3. skills - activities you did as a child & skills you'd like to use now - very powerful.
  4. personal vision - pulls it all together into your own personal vision statement - terrific.
a text message question every day or so also keeps you thinking about things like 'what gets you up in the morning?' you do have to be self-disciplined and confident in your answers to do this program as you will only get out of it what you put in. but, i've worked in management consulting and have endured many programs, and so far, this one is the most enjoyable and productive.

i feel like i'm moving forward in completely new directions and considering things i would never have previously dreamed of. i also must say that i can't emphasize the importance of our blog enough in all of this process and getting to know all of you. so, one phase down, four to go.

xo, cindy

ps any type of personal development is tiring, so the crazy game show wipe out is perfect for some mindless dribble and a good laugh.


Line said...

this sounds great Cindy I can't wait to see what you come up with at the end!!!

Jamie said...

What a cool program!

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

It sounds really interesting Cindy! I want a text message a day to provoke thought!!!

aimee said...

that sounds great! and i'm glad to hear that you've left a bit of room for mindless dribble and a laugh - that's important, too!

Bella Sinclair said...

Wooooooo!!! You go, girl!

meg said...

what Aimee said! :)


hmstrjam said...

it's good to take time to reflect!