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hello, hello! as previously mentioned, i've completed the first phase of the institute of you program about aims, which deals with identifying your dreams and personal vision. it was so nice to be in that place for a spell. but, now it's on to the reality phase, which is about evaluating your current situation through lots of cool charts that make it fun. there were four assignments in this phase:
  1. day in the life - choose three typical days and block out main activities on a graph. then, identify how you feel about each activity on a scale of 1 (dissatisfied) to 10 (bliss). i really enjoyed this part because i'd been feeling like i no longer wanted to work in marketing and this task helped me realize it's not the tasks causing me distress, but maybe something else.
  2. skills -  readdress your skills by identifying those you are currently using in your work and those you are not.
  3. motivations - create a card for each project you are working on in your personal life and at work. then, plot your degree of motivation in terms of passion, advancement and money on a scale of 1-10. ideally, you should have a completely filled in triangle, which i don't. mine are lopsided and divided by whether i earn money from the project or not.
  4. snapshot - this exercise is unreal because you use the same form you did for your personal vision, your dreams, but apply it to your current situation and mine are COMPLETELY different. i've got some work to do.
i realized my personal vision was going to change almost as soon as i wrote it and will share it at the end, but how it reconciles with the snapshot will be very interesting. i'm not stressed at this point because i'm taking steps to do something to really find harmony in the things i naturally gravitate to and my work. the goal is for them to be the same. two phases down, three to go.

xo, cindy

ps i absolutely LOVE the song impossible from anberlin's new album. the video has some cool things going on, but is kind of weird. the song seems to be about a relationship gone bad, but i'm dedicating it to the things that hold me back, which are mostly located within me and not impossible to figure out!


Clare B said...

This sounds like exactly what I need and I know that my 'day in the life', motivations and 'snapshot' would be totally and completely not aligned. Good-luck with aligning yours.

Unknown said...

i love these types of exercises + workshops! i've found that quite often, i really need to take a moment to look at where i'm headed and where i want to go, and reassess from there.

i'd say good luck but i'm sure you can realign juuust fine!

We Blog Artists said...

Oh Cindy,this sounds like something I should be working on....but in the mean time...if you have time today..stop by, I have a GIVEAWAY for some of my limited edition prints!

Cindy said...

there's something about putting these things down on paper AND looking at them from different angles. onward and upward ...

aimee said...

our stars WERE aligned! this is so helpful - such great concrete suggestions on how to match up the doing with the dreaming!

Jamie said...

What an inspiring project! I love when exercises like this point you in that direction you know in your heart you are moving but your mind hasn't discovered yet.

Oh - and I love the song.

Elizabeth said...

That is really interesting, and seems like a very helpful tool. Can't wait to see what your results turn out to be.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

What a great idea for a course! Too many of us never take the time to evaluate ourselves or our situations to see if we can improve.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

What a great program! Writing things down really helps me with almost anything. If I'm trying to lose weight, I write down everything I eat- it holds me accountable. Some with if I notice I'm crabby more than normal, I write down the reason and realize how silly it really was, or maybe a pattern?!? I need to do this with my goals. Can't wait to hear about part 3!

Cindy said...

yes pj, taking a look at yourself instead of being the victim takes some work and a willingness to take responsibility. and, writing things down is essential, krissy. those are great habits you've developed.

there are additional revelations coming thru like i'm really organized, but a terrible time manager and i mean TERRIBLE! you'll see!

as for the song, i'm on the verge of over-listening to it - oy!