nyc | it snowed, a bit


hello, hello! hope you all had a wonderful holiday! ours was nice and there was a blizzard here monday in case you hadn't heard ;). we had just under two feet of snow and for reasons yet to be determined, it was chaos and still challenging for many.

cars, buses, ambulances, trains and snow plows were getting stuck in the snow and being abandoned. scott really wanted to get to work, but the only way that was going to happen is if he walked as my half of the car said no way.

one lucky thing is that the storm happened during winter break, which is great for kids and school bus drivers. so, we end 2010 with a bang in our town. if the bad guys ever figure out how to make it snow on command, we're done (more pics here). hope you have a happy & safe new year. see you in 2011!

xo, cindy

ps the new song rolling in the deep by adele is so good. it's about love gone wrong, but not hopeless -

throw your soul threw every open door
count your blessings to find what you look for
turn my sorrow into treasured gold
you pay me back in kind and reap just what you sow

heart break can come from many places other than romantic love and the best gift we can give ourselves in each case is to let go of the pain when the clock strikes twelve on january 1st, if not sooner. i'm going to try.


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

You were buried in snow! It all just piled on in like a day? :)

Have a great New Year!

painted fish studio said...

happy 2011, cindy!

Joyce said...

I'd say you had just a bit of snow! Happy New Year my friend! Wishing you, Scott and Charlie the best of 2011 and may it be bright, golden and only the best. xo

Unknown said...

happy new year... and a wonderful 2011!!!!!!

meg said...

YEOW! Talk about a winter... wonderland??? I'm just happy you are safe and warm! Have an amazing New Year's, Cindy! And I loved what you said about heartbreak....... much love xoxoxo

queencake and titangirl said...

it looks like berlin:) have a great new year!best from very snowy berlin,anja xx

Megan Coyle said...

oh wow, did you guys get snowed in. It looks beautiful :)

Hope you have a happy New Year!!

lotta said...

Mother nature at work. Sorry about the chaos but it looks beautiful. Happy new year to you, Scott and your family!

Dawn said...

You're so lucky to have all that snow :) I'm jealous! It's been in the 70s here... a bit too warm for me this time of year.

Happy New Year Cindy! All the best to you and yours :)

and flowers pick themselves said...

happy 2011!!!

xo Alison

Elizabeth said...

Happy 2011!!

I saw all the snow in the reports and thought of you guys. Some of the streets looked so winter wonderland, yet scary.
I hope things are melting a bit.
We are just doing the winter rain over here with cooler than average temps.

Julia said...

It was incredible, wasn't it? We didn't get as much as you did, but it was enough to cripple Philly!

Sending you and the boys heaps of love, we'll be thinking of you!


Brad Fallon said...

I loved what you said about heartbreak. Have a great New Year!

suzanne cabrera said...

just a bit :)

Sherman Unkefer said...

The streets looked so winter wonderland yet scary. A blessed new year!

Bella Sinclair said...

Happy New Year, Cindy! I hear you have more of the white stuff headed your way this weekend. Break out the hot cocoa!

I love Adele, Her voice is intoxicating!