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Peach Rose
Rose Garden
Yellow Roses
Rose Garden
Pink Rose
Rose Garden

the day we visited the new york botanical garden, which we seem to do when we don't know what to do, everything was in bloom. it was a sunny day and the bright mid-day light can be harsh, but there were no other options. flowers don't wait for perfect lighting.

i honestly thought i had a terrible day when it came to picture-taking. i just couldn't get my camera settings right and wouldn't be surprised if all of these photos were shot on automatic and at this moment i don't care.

many people preach to only use your camera on manual and it is good to know what all the dials mean. but, you know what? sometimes, you just need a little jump start from the computer within the camera instead of the one within your head, especially if you're with someone else who is waiting, patiently.

xo, cindy

ps have you seen l'atelier's iphone photos? they are fantastic!


Jamie said...

How beautiful! I seem to have a talent for visiting gardens either right before or after the roses bloom, you however, seem to time it perfectly.

MissBliss said...

Hello :) These are lovely pictures... I have Miami options so it's nice to see some of the New York gardens... and I know what you mean about someone patiently waiting ;)

Joyce said...

I'm glad I had time to stop in and smell the roses. :-)

Oh, Cindy you are so right about the camera manual thing. Remember I had to ask you a question or 2 not too long ago.

I have most peeps tell me it is fine to use TV, P etc... even this Saturday at the camera class the instructor mentioned why would you want to do the work the camera can do. But all I can hear and see the frown of disappointment from the group in my camera group giving me the disapproval look of not shooting in manual. I actually stopped going for a bit because I started to doubt myself more than I do! :-) This would be an very interesting topic. Regardless your photos are beautiful! xo

Cindy said...

thanks you guys. i was going to say in the post, but edited myself because i really want one, but how many of those same people are taking a zillion photos using their iphones and then processing them with instagram? just have fun and quash those doubts.

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I use both settings and you shouldn't be afraid to do a picture with whatevers comfortable.. sometimes its all about the moment.

the pictures are sooo perfectly divine.. what a perfect garden for a picnic and slurpee. :)

PS I think its good to at least right now your goals because sometimes if you put things out into the universe they will happen.

blue moss said...

love them all...

painted fish studio said...

i've never really been a fan of roses. they smell wonderful but i find other flowers prettier... but your photos have me seeing beauty i've forgotten to look for.

Unknown said...

your photos came out beautiful
some days one has a little off day when it comes to snapping and the little help is most useful -- who cares what setting they were on? I love the results

oh and thanks for the praise! xo

Bella Sinclair said...

Well, whatever you did that day, you did it right. I can feel the sun shining. These pictures are beautiful!

meg said...

well who would know, because they turned out GORGEOUS as usual! I love those "fleshy" roses, that have such abundant petals - so pretty!