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Ice Cream for Two
City Picnic
Final Roses

as everyone knows, this weekend marks the 10-year anniversary of 9/11. in some ways, it seems like yesterday. in others, it feels like a lifetime ago. there's a new terror threat here, which means people with machine guns in public places, bag checks and lots of added commotion. it's unnerving as most people are just regular folks who enjoy picnics, ice cream, roses and bicycles. where's the harm in those things?

we'll probably go look at the tribute in lights, but i don't think i can take a better photo than this one from last year and that's fine with me. enjoy your weekend.

xo, cindy

ps the empire state of mind version by alicia keys is my favorite new york-inspired song, but you don't have to live here to feel that way or even have visited. new york is a state of mind.


We Blog Artists said...

I have never been...but would love to.
Let's hope it's a safe and quiet weekend.

Unknown said...

have a safe and quiet week end Cindy!

Unknown said...

and that picture from last year is wonderful!!

Elizabeth said...

It is hard to believe it has been 10 years, but really it does feel like it wasn't that long ago.
Such a deep scar.

The picture from last year really is stunning, Cindy.

meg said...

I love how we both take pics of our roses last blooms :) And as I commented on Flickr, that photo is simply AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your 9/11 reflections as a NYC resident. Such a sobering experience, and I can only imagine how surreal it must be to live there after the traumatic event.

The images you shared are lovely to look through, and have a wonderful "end of summer" feel.

Take care!

Katherine @ thistle handmade

Deniz said...

gorgeous photos- i just caught up with all the posts i missed
your photography is so beautiful and inspiring and i feel like i got my little NY (and surroundings) Summer fix :)
so glad you blog :D

cindy* said...

there really is no other city like New York.
this is simply lovely Cindy!