trip | the beach

Main Beach
fortunately, we went to east hampton the weekend before the snowstorm. it was beautiful.

Chamomile Tea
we love the french restaurant pierre's for breakfast, lunch or dinner even though it makes use a little nervous to eat there. the menu is in french, so we feel kind of dopey ordering by pointing. c'est la vie (such is life).

scott found this vintage oil painting in sage street antiques in sag harbor. it's a painting of a local scene so we took it over there to compare. yep, well done and a special find as we love both places.

Victorian House
this recently restored victorian is so pretty.

the pond is on a busy road, but tranquil anyway.

Fall Windowbox
scott loves to say the name of this shop when he speaks italian, which is rare unless he's ordering italian food. we're trying to learn italian and have been stuck on 'beige' and 'il ketchup' for the longest time. questa e la vita (such is life).

American Hotel
the american hotel in sag harbor looks so nice.

early morning light reveals cool shadows and wet slippers from the morning dew. such is life :).

xo, cindy

ps i just learned about the band lord huron and love their sound. they make me want to hop on a plane and fly off to somewhere warm.


Unknown said...

Cindy it looks so relax I would love to go, wonderful pics!

painted fish studio said...

you take really amazing photographs when you're with that scott of yours. you make a great team!

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous place, I love the photo of the painting at the beach - how cool is that.

Bella Sinclair said...

What a great trip! Wow, those clouds look so low and fluffy. You can almost grab them! And the shadow photo is very cool. I love the detailing in Victorians. And Scott has a great eye for paintings!


Elizabeth said...

I could sit by that pond for hours! That is so gorgeous, and you really captured the light and tranquillity. What a fun weekend!

jane said...

these are lovely. i want to live there. now! :)
cold, dark and rainy here...
p.s. wasn´t bc´s doc fab? i did have a stupid smile on my face the entire time.

denise said...

oh my gosh i love that little painting! what a great buy!

Deniz said...

gorgeous photos!
and i love the oil painting!!!
looks like you guys had a fabulous time all around

ps hope you alright with this early early snowy winter on your door step

Linda Leyble said...

Hi Cindy - found your blog via Lenore Nevermore. I love Sag Harbor too - seems like you found some great art...and a place to compare it to the real thing. How lucky is that!

Love your photos - I am trying to improve my skills. Slow but sure.

Glad to meet you.