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Tea Time
it's a nice day when i take a few minutes to make a proper cup of tea in the spirit of downton abbey (are you watching?). my favorite these days is the little dickens blend from bellocq with milk & honey.

i think my dentist & his wife are lonely because they keep having me come back for the slightest thing. it's trouble because on the way home i always stop to get something at a bakery like this chocolate peppermint cupcake from sprinkles.

Vintage Scotch
brooklyn art library is so tempting for a collector who loves office supplies like this irresistible scotch tape dispenser, which seems right at home with our collection of red & white smalls.

enjoy the day!

xo, cindy

ps i've been meeting so many people who have known scott's father charlie for years and they all tell me what a great man he is. it's been tough going with him lately, so that's pretty awesome.


painted fish studio said...

i jumped on the downton abbey bandwagon on sunday, and was immediately hooked! i'm only a few episodes into the first season, though, so no spoilers! :)

now off to find something that resembles a giant chocolate cupcake...

Elizabeth said...

Love Downton Abby! It is pure eye candy isn't it?!!!

It sure is fun to set up a little tea party for yourself isn't it :)

aimee said...

i've never seen anyone make a roll of scotch tape look so irresistible!

Cindy said...

i won't spoil anything and love downton abbey for the eye candy, too!

office supplies for adults are the equivalent of school supplies for kids. joy!

Joyce said...

Ummm... do you think the dentist and his wife get a kick back from the bakery? :) By the look of that sweet cupcake it would be worth the trips to the dentist.
Lovely photos my friend as always. I think I have a feeling of what you are going through with Charlie. I wish I had my old mom back. sigh... I still keep wishing! BIG hugs... xo

Bella Sinclair said...

Love your red and whites, down to the peppermint sprinkles. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to a new year filled with your gorgeous photos.

Oh, and the display rail below? faaabulous!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

luv3x~ downton abbey as well, Cindy!
Need to stock up on peppermint, I want them with my ice cream~

Enjoy your weekend*

Grace@PoeticHome said...

Oh Cindy, I haven't had time at the computer for far too long! I have missed all your lovely photos and life stylings. I'm also very, very sorry to hear about Charlie's passing and send an embrace your way with my deepest condolences.

Cindy said...

oh dear grace, he hasn't passed away, it's just getting tougher for him the older her gets., but he did have a good day yesterday with his new home health aide.

fifth floor apartment said...

i lovelovelove downton. i watched S2 online a while ago, but have been watching it again now that it's airing in the states. such good tv.

lovely snapshots!

xo alison

blue moss said...

You find the best best best best things. That tape dispenser is amazing!
I haven't been watching.....I need to jump in..
Glad you are hearing good things about Charlie....helps to get another perspective.
All the best

Bonbon Oiseau said...

so sorry for my absence--i've come back to such dainty ladylike photos--makes me want to drink some tea with you..let's get together soon? i have just the place! have you been to LIC market?

Anonymous said...

Having fun browsing your posts from the past few weeks just now and noticed that you mentioned Downton Abbey. I'm a big fan of the show and love finding out that so many "blogger friends" enjoy it too. Also, your collection of white and red items is so cheerful - I recognize one of those items quite well!

Happy upcoming weekend to you!